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Curling Union established

  1. Curling aficionados in Mongolia have formed the country’s first Curling Union. S.Natsagdorj, Director of the school Erdem TV is its President; Ch.Naranbaatar, Chairman of the Physical Culture and Sports Board, an Implementing Agency of the Government, and Ts.Damdin, Vice President of the National Olympic Committee, are the two Vice Presidents; and D.Badamdash, a teacher at the Mongolian National University, the Secretary.

After Mongolian representatives had met with its managing officials during the 25th Winter Universiad Games in Turkey, the World Curling Federation agreed to send trainers and equipment to Mongolia to help the sport develop here.

The new Union plans to build a roofed ice rink in Ulaanbaatar and to take other steps to popularize the sport.

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