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Cinderella coming to Mongolia

Ихэнх нутгаар солигдмол үүлтэй. Зарим газраар түр зуурын бороо орно. Дуу цахилгаантай. Салхи баруун хойноос секундэд 5-10 метр.

This year, the State Opera and Ballet Theater of Mongolia will for the first time perform Rossini’s ‘La Cenenetola’, better known as ‘Cinderella’. The opera project was initiated by Mongolian-born singer S.Ayna and is designed to promote Mongolia to the world as well as to increase cultural cooperation between foreign countries. 2017 marks exactly 200 years since ‘Cinderella’ was first performed in Italy.

Under the baton of Italian conductor Jacopo Sipari di Pescasseroli, famous singers from Spain, Russia and Mongolia will all sing in the opera, which will be performed on 2nd of July.


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