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Miss Hungary and Miss Tonga arrive in UB

Хуучирсан мэдээ: 2016.03.29-нд нийтлэгдсэн

Miss Hungary and Miss Tonga arrive in UB

The “Face of Beauty International- 2016” pageant will be held in UB, in September. The “Miss Mongolia Consulting” NGO and other state and private sectors are officially organizing this year’s competition in Mongolia.

In order to help with the organization of the September pageant, a number of key figures have come to Ulaanbaatar. They include Pawee Ventura the founder of the www.Missosology.com, which has 100 million visitors and the President of the “Face of Beauty International” pageant Mila Manuel.  Two former stars have also come, namely, Miss Hungary (Dalma Karman) who was runner-up in “Face of Beauty International-2015” and Miss Tonga (Diamond Langi), who was winner of “Face of Beauty International-2013.

Dalma Karman, who is Miss Hungary said: “This is my first time in in Mongolia. I was so impressed, when I receive the invitation from the Mongolian organizer team of “Face of Beauty International”. The journey, via Moscow, took a very long time. Although, we are quite tired, we are very excited. We will participate in many events, including a press conference, which will be held on Tuesday. Let’s meet you with you, on Tuesday”.


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