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Forced entry in Government House: Deputy PM tell us what happened

Хуучирсан мэдээ: 2016.03.24-нд нийтлэгдсэн

Forced entry in Government House: Deputy PM tell us what happened

On Tuesday 22nd March, at 13.15 pm, four representatives of the Independent Authority Against Corruption (IAAC) entered the office of Deputy Prime Minister Ts.Oyunbaatar, while he was having a meeting. N.Enkhbayar, who is chairman of the Mongolian National People’s Revolutionary Party was present at the meeting. The four IAAC officers handed over an official document to Mr Enkhbayar. The IAAC stated: “We have called suspect N.Enkhbayar to provide a statement on five occasions. So far, he did not come to the IAAC for investigation. Therefore, we handed the official document to him, when he was in office of the Deputy Prime Minister”. decided to ask Deputy Prime Minister Ts.Oyunbaatar exactly what happened.

-Yesterday (22nd March), several IAAC agents came to your office. Why did they come?

Four people from the IAAC forcibly entered my office at around 13.15 pm, without presenting any identification. At the time our party chairman and people related to the election were having a meeting. They explained that they had come to hand over an official document. The action of the IAAC agents is, firstly, a violation of Mongolian law, in particular the “Law on Government House”, “Law on Members of Parliament” and the “Law on Members of the Government”. I have, therefore, sent a letter, demanding an official explanation to the director of IAAC N.Ganbold.  Secondly, people who have temporary and permanent passes can enter the Government House. But, yesterday people who do not have permission entered the office of the Mongolian Deputy Prime Minister. This demonstrates that the legitimacy, safety and human rights of the state service are being violated. As Deputy Prime Minister and as a human rights lawyer I openly state that this is as very serious action.

-What was the nature of the official demand, which was given to N.Enkhbayar?

-There is no need to talk about this – because the document was not addressed to me.


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