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G.Uyanga: we just had to leave…

Yesterday, two Members of Parliament, G.Uyanga and L.Tsog informed that they are leaving their “Justice Union” group. We, therefore, spoke to G.Uyanga about her decision.

-Yesterday, you and MP L.Tsog informed that you have decided to leave “Justice Union” group. Why did you choose to take this step?

-I have been criticizing the “Justice Union” group recently. The “Justice Union” group took a poll from the people, and announced the program “Five Revolutions to Save Mongolia”. The group has worked so poorly for the implementation of this program. Maybe, they have paid more attention as to ministerial appointments than to this program. L.Tsog and I have been loyal to “Five Revolutions to Save Mongolia” until now.

-Should the “Justice Union” approve your decision to leave the group?

-The law does not include any specific provisions for this. Anyway, an MP has the full right to choose his or her group. The director of the group must present our intention to the Parliamentary Speaker; then the Speaker must announce our intentions Parliament.

-Leaving the “Justice Union” group can be understood that you are leaving the party?

-We will stay in the party for now. It is not clear what actions will be taken in the future.

-MP O.Baasankhuu, L.Tsog and you were in agreement on the issue of dismissing the Prime Minister. Does O.Baasankhuu share the same position with you regarding leaving the group?

-I do not know his position on this issue

-How will the “Justice Union” group work in the future, without you and L.Tsog?

-The group still has 8 members – that is enough to work on parliamentary matters.


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