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PM ignores O.Baasankhuu’s TV challenge

Хуучирсан мэдээ: 2016.03.10-нд нийтлэгдсэн

PM ignores O.Baasankhuu’s TV challenge

As we reported last week, Mr O.Baasankhuu, who is a very active member of parliament, wants to have a live TV debate with Prime Minister Saikhanbileg in which he wants to hear why his numerous law projects have been ignored.

On 9th March,  Mr Baasankhuu held a press conference, during which he told journalists: “Although, I have invited Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg to a panel show on 12th March at 19.00pm, the Prime Minister has not responded. Therefore, I decided to postpone the panel show for two weeks until 23rd March. If the Prime Minister continues to react like this without answering, when the next session of the State Great Khural starts I will openly ask – ‘Why you did not come to the panel show?’ If he does come to the panel show on 23rd March, I will ask questions about the law projects, which I presented, for example: “Law on the legal status of towns and villages”, and “Policy to create the saving funds” to support the Erdenet copper plant.

Source: Media Bureau at the Parlliamentary Administration


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