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“Rio-2016”: J.Khatanbaatar to lead Mongolian team

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“Rio-2016”: J.Khatanbaatar to lead Mongolian team

The XXI Olympic Games will be held in Rio de Janeiro on 5th-21st August. The leader and deputy leader of the Mongolian Olympic team to Rio have been appointed. The Executive Board of the Mongolian National Olympic Committee has announced that J.Khatanbaatar has been appointed as the leader of Mongolian team. J.Khatanbaatar is the Deputy President of the National Olympic Committee, holds the title of “Doctor of the People” as well as being a Medical Ph.d and Professor. The deputy leader of the national team will be Ts.Damdin a silver medalist from the 1980 Moscow Olympics, who is also a deputy President of Mongolian National Olympic Committee, People’s Teacher and Honorary Sportsman.

Currently, Mongolian sportsmen and women will be participating in    the free-wrestling, shooting, athletics, and archery events. Judo wrestlers are still particpating the preliminary competitions in order to obtain the “right” to participate at Rio. Mongolians still have chances of obtaining Olympic rights for boxing, powerlifting, and athletics. 


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Зочин 2016-03-01

good luck for mongolia "s team

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He is a corruption master mind of the Enkhbayar Nambar, "God father of Mongolia"s Corruption"