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O.Baasankhuu: I do not want to be the one, who refuses to go when I am banished

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O.Baasankhuu: I do not want to be the one, who refuses to go when I am banished

Mr O.Baasankhuu is an MP who has challenged the Prime Minister to appear on a panel show. He has been answering questions:

-Why did you call the Prime Minister to the panel show?

-Since becoming an MP, I have proposed 32 bills, practically all of which have been rejected Government. Proposing a bill is not that easy – it’s not just sitiing at the computer. I prepared these draft laws, co-operating with the non-governmental organizations based on the research. But the Government has not accepted my proposals. Therefore, I want to prove that my bills should be accepted by the Government, and therefore demand that the Prime Minister justify the position of his Government.

-For example, which of your law projects have not been accepted?

-There are a lot. The last one was a bill aimed at supporting the Erdenet plant – another was the bill on the “heritage of cities and villages”. These were not accepted. In my opinion, these both would have been beneficial to Mongolia

-What explanation did the Government provide for not accepting these bills?

-They just said “no”. The Director of the Government Administration, S.Bayartsogt said that: “These are just the responses from the Ministries. I did not decide this on my own. I let your projects be discussed at the Governmental meeting – although briefly – in the time permitting”. I am grateful to him. He has worked well.

-Have you said that if you lose the panel show, you will not stand as a candidate in the next election?

– I did not say that. But I have said that I will reject my seat as an MP. I think that sitting in Parliament is useless.

-Can you really reject your seat, if you lose the debate?

-Can I? It is no big deal to become politically “dead”, if I reject my seat. I am a trained lawyer and have worked in this profession. I was not born a politician.

-So, will you leave the politics, if you lose?

-People with political ability must engage in politics. There are many people, who entered the politics without being invited – and, who refuse to go when they are banished. I don’t want to be like them.

-Recently, there have been rumors that you might become Minister of Health and Sport?

-I have given my answer. When the Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) was dismissed from the Government – I no longer wanted to be part of that Government. I am a young man. I have my self respect. I do not want to play such trivial games.

-If the MPP were to propose you as a minister, would you still reject the proposal?

-Yes, I would. It is not because I do not want to be a minister; it is because I think that I cannot possibly enter a Government headed by Ch.Saikhanbileg. NevetheIess, I am still grateful to the MPP, for having such a high opinion of me, but I repeat, I cannot possibly serve on that Cabinet.


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