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MNT 34.7 trillion “hidden” taxes declared

Хуучирсан мэдээ: 2016.02.26-нд нийтлэгдсэн

MNT 34.7 trillion “hidden” taxes declared

Mongolian Finance Minister B.Bolor and the director of General Customs and Taxation Authority (GCTA) spoke yesterday (25th February) at the Ministers’ Hour news briefing. They announced that as a result of the window provided for declaring hitherto undeclared taxes provided by the “Economic Transparency Law” a total of MNT 34.7 trillion has been declared. Under to the law, exemptions have been made for MNT 8.3 trillion and MNT 2.5 penalties. This amount is likely to be increased.

In total, 21275 financial reports, 89394 tax reports, 4165 social insurance reports, and 8140 custom reports have been submitted to the GCTA by individuals and companies.


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