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Mongolia to seek international aid as herds perish

Хуучирсан мэдээ: 2016.02.23-нд нийтлэгдсэн

Mongolia to seek international aid as herds perish

Currently, 70% of Mongolia is snowbound, 98 soums (districts) of the 18 provinces have experienced constant heavy snowfall and 113 soums in 20 provinces have had frequent snowfall. As of yesterday (22nd February), 125,000 herds of cattle have died during the winter.

The herders do not have the money – cash is required – to buy animal feed for their cattle. To make matters worse, because of the lack of vaccines, infectious diseases are spreading. Therefore, in order to prevent a catastrophic situation developing Mongolia has decided to ask for aid from international humanitarian organizations.


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Bill Munns 2016-02-23

According to the latest (23rd February) report of the UN OCHA, since 20 January, 211 out of 339 soums/districts are affected by dzud or near- dzud conditions. An estimated 225,800 people (62,719 herder households or 41 per cent of the total herder population) are in a high-risk zone. This includes 28,290 children under five and 3,340 expectant mothers. As of 15 February, 115,733 animals perished as a result of snow fall, severe storms and cold weather conditions.225,800 people are at high-risk. How bad does it have to get before help is given to these desperate families and their precious livestock?