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MIAT: flying through hard times

In 2015, MIAT, Mongolia’s state airline transported 461,450 passengers, just over 2,624 tons of luggage on a total of 1486 flights to such locations as Beijing, Seoul, Moscow, Tokyo, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hong-Kong and Khanbumbat (which serves the Oyu Tolgoi mine in the Gobi). In comparison with the previous year, the number of passengers increased by 14.7% and the number of the flights rose by 13.7%. Regarding finances: during economically hard 2015, MIAT has spent MNT 238.8 billion and earned MNT 241.3 billion; a slender profit of MNT 2.5 billion. It can be noted that 60%-65% of MIAT’s expenses are in US dollars; in 2015 the loss resulting from the currency difference was MNT 12.5 billion. Thus, the MNT 2.5 billion represents a success of which MIAT is not dissatisfied.


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