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Oooops! Lawmakers forget to include import provision in new law

Хуучирсан мэдээ: 2016.02.19-нд нийтлэгдсэн

Oooops! Lawmakers forget to include import provision in new law

The revised “Electoral Law”, which is approved by the end of 2015, has not included the provision, which states that “the Electoral Law” cannot be changed, six months prior to an election”. This means that it is now still possible to change this law. All previous versions of the “Electoral Law” included this provision. So we decided to seek clarification on this issue with A.Bakei, who is an MP and also director of the State Structure Standing Committee. Mr Bakei worked as the director of the working team on the draft “Electoral Law” project. 

  • The new law does not include the provision that the electoral law cannot be changed six months prior to an election. Was this provision included or not included in the draft as originally presented by the team headed by MP. R.Burmaa? Or was it removed during the process of the working team, headed by you?

  • From the outset, the draft law as presented did not include this provision. The previous laws used to include this provision. The working team, therefore, did not discuss this. Then, the project was approved.

  • So, Parliament did not know that this provision was missing? No-one has remembered to include the provision during the discussion of the project?

  • The Members of the Parliament, actually, did not notice that the provision was missing.

  • Then, when did Parliament find out that an important provision was missing? After the final discussion of the project?

  • Yes

  • So now what is to be done? Is it going to be possible to insert the change to the law?

  • I do not know. If it is considered really necessary, the Members of the Parliament have the right to present law changes. But, I do not know if this will be really that necessary.

  • Finally, is the budget sufficient for the election?

  • This year, MNT 17 billion has been budgeted for the election. I think that it will be enough for the organization of the election.


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