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L.Erkhembayar: it is vital to keep the Government

Хуучирсан мэдээ: 2016.01.22-нд нийтлэгдсэн

L.Erkhembayar: it is vital to keep the Government

The 46th session of the 228 member National Consultative Committee of the Democratic Party was due to be held on the 20th January at 17.00pm. The session was postponed for two hours because of latecomers. This enabled us to clarify some issues from L.Erkhembayar the acting secretary of the Democratic Party.

-What issues did the National Consultative Committee plan to discuss?

-The National Consultative Committee was planning to discuss the validation of new members and other issues, of which the most important is keeping the Government. For this reason, we have postponed all other matters.

-When is the session of the National Consultative Committee being postponed to? Will it take place before the Lunar New Year?

-I can’t answer that at present.

-Thirteen Members of the Mongolian People’s Party have signed the document calling for the dismissal of the Prime Minister; this was presented by MP G.Uyanga. Many explanations are in circulation. What do you thing about this issue?

-If the Prime Minister is dismissed Mongolia will lose. At least, the currency rate against the dollar will rise; affairs of state will be delayed. Mongolia has been through tough times like this before. Besides, the destiny of the Government is linked to the Mongolian people; it is responsible for far more than just appointing officials. Therefore, the Democratic Party will stand to preserve the Government.


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