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R.Amarjargal retracts his signature

Following G.Uyanga’s submission of the bill to dismiss Prime Minister Saikhabileg earlier this week, one of the original 19 MP’s who signed the document, R.Amarjargal has retracted his signature. He confirmed this in a letter to the Speaker. It will be recalled that the document demanding Parliamentary debate was prepared two months ago.

Mr Amarjargal has shared his thoughts via Twitter, and said that he had told  G.Uyanga that he will be no longer in her “squad” to dismiss PM, this being before “she (G.Uyanga) presented proposal to dismiss Mr Saikhanbileg, despite his reconsideration of the matter”. Previously, R.Amarjargal told reporters: “Mr Saikhanbileg is working hard. The Prime Minister should not be dismissed before the general election. This is important in order to stabilize the social and economic situation”.


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