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Why I joined the “National Labor Party”? – Interview with S.Ganbaatar

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Why I joined the “National Labor Party”? – Interview with S.Ganbaatar

The S.Ganbaatar who has been an independent Member of Parliament has joined the “National Labor Party”. He explains why:

“For the last 11 years I have been working for the people. These 25 years of democracy have brought hard times. I do not want to see a repition of this over the next 25 years. That’s why I joined the “National Labor Party”. It’s clear that Mongolians cannot remain in this situation for the next 25 years. We must use our natural resources to provide jobs and reduce poverty. But, this Government has become like the private instrument of the mining companies. In addition, the Government reacts as if it has been “bought”. Therefore, my goal is to correct this and to create a fair society. Of the 1,200,000 people of working age, 470,000 are unemployed. This is an indication of an unfair society. It is also necessary to strengthen national sovereignity. I joined the National Labor Party, because my task is to bring about change”.

After providing this statement, MP S.Ganbaatar answered a few questions.

-There was information on the social networks that you were behind the National Labor Party. Is it true?

– No, I don’t control the financing of the party.On the social networks, especially Twitter, many anonymous people have been attacking me. I always say that Rio-Tinto is robbing Mongolia. It is clear to see, who really is hiding behind the mask. I do not worry about the Twitter attacks.

-Is it possible to declare the financing of the National Labor Party?

-Everything regarding party financing is transparent.

You treat Tavan Tolgoi critically. Will you keep this opinion now you are in the National Labor Party?

-Yes. The main policy of National Labor Party is to use natural resources for the benefit of the people. That is why I joined it.

-Some people conjecture that you will be the National Labor Party candidate in the the Presidential election. Is it possible?

-The Democratic Party and Mongolian People’s Party are spending sleepless nights, because they think that “If S.Ganbaatar is nominated for President, people are going to choose him”. I want to say to them, that “Treat the people honestly. It is not politicians who decide who will be President – it is the people who do”.


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