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Parties agree on electoral law

The electoral working group made a decision on 22nd December. The director of the Mongolian People’s Party Group in Parliament,S.Byambatsogt, answered some questions.

-The MPP Group called a boycott and has not been attending meetings because of the electoral law argument. It is, however, reported that the chairmen of the parties met and made a decision last weekend. Are we to understand that the electoral law projects will be discussed soon?

-We assume that the electoral law projects might be approved in the near future. According to the law, the electoral law projects must be approved before the New Year. I hope that it will be possible to do this in time.

-Did the MPP obtain what they wanted regarding the electronic voting equipment?

– Not only the MPP, but 21 other parties, both with and without representation in Parliament, have demanded the same thing as us. Furthermore, the concerns which people have regarding the voting machines must be dispelled. Anyway, we have made a deal to organize the control of counting in 50% of all the electoral districts. The new issue to on the territorial division of electoral regions was also discussed.

-What kind of region will it be? How will the division be made?

-Currently, we are discussing that Mongolia will have five regions

-What decisions were made regarding the “Electoral Law”?

-The Standing Committee will discuss the issues at their meeting. A vote on some important solutions is being held.



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