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“Mongolian – 2020” program targets 85% completed

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“Mongolian – 2020” program targets 85% completed

A conference of the leaders of the Democratic Party (DP) is currently being held in the “Puma Imperial” hotel in Ulaanbaatar. DP Chairman, Z.Enkhbold, Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg, Permanent Secretary L.Erkhembayar and the directors of the Civil Representative Assembly of the City and Districts are all in attendance.  The aim of the conference is for the DP to analyze what has been acheived under the 2015 target schedule and to plan operations for 2016.

The moderator of the event, DP Secretary L.Erkhembayar, provided information to the media – to quote: “The market price of mining products has fallen over the last four years. Even though, these years have been economically hard, the DP has successfully implemented the set tasks of the “Mongolian 2020”program for the period up to 2016. Curently, the implementation of our action plan is 85% completed. During this operational period, we have provided apartments for 75,000 families, built the extensions of the 3rd and 4th Power Plants and launched the new “Amgalan” Power Plant. In addition we have built asphalt roads connecting seven provinces with Ulaanbaatar and provided project loans to 1084 factories.


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