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UK Electoral Commission Representative meets Speaker Enkhbold

Хуучирсан мэдээ: 2015.12.18-нд нийтлэгдсэн

UK Electoral Commission Representative meets Speaker Enkhbold

On 16th December,Mongolian Parliamentary Speaker Z.Enkhbold held an official meeting with Scott Martin who is the legal advisor to the Scottish National Party (SNP) andJohn Franks the legal implementation manager of the UK Electoral Commission. The meeting was also attended by Ms.Ashleigh Whelan who is the local UB representative of the International Republican Institute.

At the beginning of the discussion, MrEnkhboldexpressed his specifcthanks to MrFranks of UK Electoral Commission for the possibility to discuss election financing and control.

During the discussion, the Mongolian side discussed the automatic voting machineswhich have been introduced and thethe benefits and disadvantages. It is secret who has voted for whom. In addition, there is no way to argue with the results, because the machine is totally transparent. There are mixed views in Mongolia about the voting machines; roughly 20% or all candidates to parliament are selected. Therefore, the 80% who are not elected have no confidence in the new machines.

Mr Franks of the UK Electoral Commissionthanked the Speaker for his time, and said that: “We have been using the automatic system to count the votes in elections in London and Scotland. We are looking at extending this system to the rest of the UK.


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