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Japan uses Mongolian “tarag” ferment to make yoghurt

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Japan uses Mongolian “tarag” ferment to make yoghurt

Mr Ts.Enkhtsengel, Ulaanbaatar’s Deputy Mayor, who is responsible for Social Affairs, had an official meeting with Deputy Mayor of the Miyakonojo, Iwasaki Toru on 24th November. At the beginning of the meeting, Iwasaki Toru passed on the greetings of the mayor of Miyakonojo to UB Mayor E.Bat-Uul.

Iwasaki Toru said: “I am glad that our relationship which started from a small wind power installation has branched into a variety of sectors”, and expressed his proposal to supply “delicious Miyakonojo beef”.

In reply, Mr. Ts.Enkhtsengel has said that: “The school exchange program between our two cities has been implemented well since 2014. Mongolian parents were happy with this initiative. Therefore, we should like to continue the exchange program next year. Regarding the supply of beef, the director at the Veterinary Authority, A.Narantuya, and the director of the City Administration Nutrition Affairs department, O.Narantuya will study this issue”.

The mayors discussed how to extend the relationship in all sectors, especially that of agriculture products. During the meeting, the guests visited the Miyakonojo Milk Plant which produces yoghurt using Mongolian ferment.

Source: Media Bureau at the City Administration


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