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“Mongolia in World War II-1945”

The ceremonial presentation of the historical album “Mongolia in World War II-1945” took place in the “Civil Hall” of the Mongolian Presidential Administration. During the opening ceremony, Mr P.Tsagaan, Chief of the Presidential Administration said: “The purpose of inviting you today is to introduce a photo album, which shows Mongolia’s historical contribution to the Victory of “World War II”. Mongolia, which at the time, had a population of less than a million, crossed the state border in accordance with its alliance commitments, to liberate its brothers in Manchuria and Inner Mongolia. The Institute of History and Archeology at the Academy of Sciences has been responsible for organizing this project of these collected photos, celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Victory of World War II. The Presidential Administration has cooperated and supported this project. This album includes photos and documents, which have never before appeared in public. The Mongolian President has worked for the real Mongolian history. You will remember that the President has published a series of seven books entitled “A Real History of Mongolia”. I am sure that the historical album “Mongolia in World War II-1945” will become the interesting and beneficial research document”.


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