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9th Noyon Khutagt recognized

Monks from Khamriin Khiid Monastery and the local religious community in Dornogobi aimag announced the recognition of the reincarnation of Noyon Khutagt.

The First Noyon Khutagt, Agvaangonchig, was recognized in 1622 in the Gobi region. Since the First Noyon Khutagt, Agvaangonchig, eight incarnates have been recognized in Mongolia. The most famous and prominent was Dogshin Noyon Khutagt  ("Terrible Noble Saint of the Gobi"). Danzanravjaa was the Fifth incarnation of the Gobi Noyon Khutagt, the title of a prominent line of tulkus of the Nyingmapa lineage of Tibetan Buddhism in Mongolia, and was found by the personal attendant of the 4th Noyon Hutagt in 1809. Danzanravjaa played a big role in the promotion of public education that he encouraged at Khamar Monastery through the establishment of an inclusive public school, theatre, museum and library between 1803 and 1856. Since his death three incarnates have been recognized as Gobi Noyon Khutagt. Agvaansamdanjamts was recognized as the 8th Incarnate of Noyon Khutagt in 1933. The 8th Noyon Khutagt was politically suppressed and died in prison in 1968.

Until this day no incarnate has been recognized in the Gobi region, but local community has never lost hope of seeing the next incarnate Noyon Khutagt.

His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama recognized the 9th Incarnate Noyon Khutagt in Dharamsala in India on March 2nd.

The ceremony for the reincarnation of Noyon Khutagt Danzanluvsantudev was held on March 7th.

The 9th Incarnate Noyon Khutagt Danzanluvsantudev came to the monastery at a very early age. The 9th Noyon Khutagt was born in Khuvsgul sum in Dornogobi aimag in 1984 or the Year of the Mouse. He was born at as the son of an ordinary herder family as the youngest of seven children. The 9th Noyon Khutagt will come to Mongolia to take his seat at Khamar Monastery in Dornogobi aimag.

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