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Thousands in UB Earthquake Drill

At 08:00 this morning (25 April), loud sirens blared out across Ulaanbaatar and thousands of people flooded out to special

Earthquake Drill: UB to shut down

The Ulaanbaatar City Administration has decided to change the working hours of state organisations and private enterprises on 25 April

‘Silent City’ Cemetery Fire

Yesterday (11 April), firefighters extinguished a fire at Dalan Davkhar Cemetery (Silent city) in Ulaanbaatar. According to Mongolia’s National Emergency

Russia fire spreads to Mongolia

A forest fire is spreading from Russia across the border into the northern provinces of Mongolia. According to the National

Tokyo and UB firemen in joint training

Trainers from the Tokyo fire department have been visiting Ulaanbaatar for training and exchanging experience with Mongolian officers from the