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Specialised teacher training in January

The Specialised Institute for teachers was re-established by the decree of the Minister of Education, Culture and Science after the new Government was formed. The institute was established with the purpose of conducting nationwide professional training for school and kindergarten

Suspect of threat letter revealed

Police have announced they believe they know who sent a threat letter to Kh.Temuujin, the Minister of Justice and Investigative Department for Organized Crimes at State Investigation Office and criminal proceedings against the suspect have been initiated. According to a

Nurse washed baby with boiled water

A nurse accidently washed a baby with boiling water in Bayankhongor aimag on December 29th inciting public anger. The baby was delivered to the baby rehabilitation unit  at the National Trauma Orthopedic and Research Center with burns and to an

Anu Khatan movie will be screened soon

The historic movie “Anu Khatan” adaptation of the novel by the same name by author B.Shuudertsetseg has been greatly anticipated by audiences.The screen production has been in production for almost two years. The movie was first scheduled to be launched

Mongolian Investment Law Reforms: Too Little, Too Late?

Mongolia’s government is reportedly preparing to amend a controversial foreign investment law passed earlier this year.  Under that law, foreign companies investing in specific industries, including mining, were required to obtain prior government approval for investments above a defined threshold. 

Military personnel census to be taken

The Governor of the Capital City and Mayor of Ulaanbaatar made a decree ordering the start of a military personnel census from January 4th to January 21st in Ulaanbaatar City. According to the decree by the City Major, the military

Former Minister appointed as Advisor to Speaker

Former Minister of Health, S.Lambaa, was appointed as an advisor to the Speaker of Parliament last week. Previously, parliamentarian G.Batkhuu held the post but after he was elected in parliament the post has been empty. Former MP S.Lambaa is an

64 New Year babies

According to a study 12,007 mothers gave birth at the State Maternity Clinic I, 6,313 at State Maternity Clinic II, 4,350 at State Maternity Clinic III and over 10,000 mothers gave birth at the Maternal and Child Health Research Center

Ambassadors awarded by President of Mongolia

The President of Mongolia made a decree for the 101st anniversary of the establishment of the modern diplomatic service in Mongolia to award the following diplomats who have made great efforts and played important roles in reaching their designated targets

President climbs to top of Bogd Khan

President Ts.Elbegdorj climbed up to Tsetsee Gun, the peak of Bogd Khan Mountain accompanied by his twitter followers to refresh spirits on the first day of New Year. The President reached the peak of Bogd Khan Mountain in a half