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Chinggis Khaan: Bringing the Legend to Life

“Chinggis Khaan: Bringing the Legend to Life,” the latest exhibition to open at Kansas City’s Union Station, transports guests around the globe and back eight centuries to witness how a once-feared leader is seen by some today as a model

Mongolia to increase number of civil servants

Mongolian parliament is discussing the 2020 State Budget this week. According to the law, parliament must approve the General State Budget by 15 November.

The Mongolian cabinet has drafted steps to increase the number of civil servants by 3300 in 2020.

Mongolian engineers create bionic hand

Young Mongolian engineers have created a bionic hand for the first time ever. The hand is for a 10-year-old girl who born without one hand. They presented bionic hand to A.Ariunkhishleg on the occasion of National Giving Day. The bionic

Mongolian PM receives the UN ‘I commit to SDG’ badge

Earlier today (5 November), Mongolian Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh held a meeting with Tapan Mishra, United Nations Resident Coordinator in Mongolia. During the hour-long meeting the two discussed the Mongolia-UN partnership and the notable contribution of Mongolia to the UN including

“The Oyu Tolgoi Agreement” – the book

It has been 10 years since the landmark “Oyu Tolgoi Agreement” was signed between Rio Tinto, Ivanhoe Mines and the Government of Mongolia. However, a dispute regarding the agreement has been continuing until today. During a press conference on 4

Coal briquettes declared safe

The Mongolian State Professional Inspection Agency confirmed that the quality of the processed coal briquettes meet international standards after being examined in laboratories in Russia, China and South Korea. In early October, Mongolia sent samples of the coal briquettes for

Over 1000 young engineers gather at State House

A national forum for young engineers has been held at Mongolia’s State House under the auspices of the prime minister. The forum aimed at introducing new projects from the Mongolian Cabinet and an exchange of views on how the country

Nalaikh highway reconstructed after 60 years

The 20.9 km road from Gachuurt to the Nalaikh and Choir junction opened for traffic on 4 November. The road has been reconstructed to a 26-meter wide dual carriageway. However, it will be fully completed by July, 2020 once pavements,

Mongolia’s biggest ger theatre

Mongolia’s biggest ger theatre has been opened at the Sky Resort. Located where Ulaanbaatar meets the countryside, the ger theatre is equal in height to a three-storey building. The structure has been constructed within five months.  The building has a

Chinese ‘money laundering’ scam; Mongolia expels 759!

On Saturday (2 Novmeber), the Mongolian Police expelled a total of 759 Chinese citizens who have been accused of money laundering. According to the Immigration Agency, they have been deported with black stamps in their passports, banning them from entering