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The Hu: Tickets in UK and Ireland sold out!

After releasing their debut album to international acclaim, Mongolia’s ‘The Hu’ rock band recently finished their first ever tours of Europe and the USA. Now, once again, they will be rocking the UK, the US and the rest of the

Mongolia tightens sexual harassment laws

Last year, a total of 444 cases of sexual violence were reported to the Mongolian police. A disturbing development is that 218 of the victims were children – an increase of 26.7 percent on 2018. According to a study by

Bribe your way to health in Mongolia!

A recent survey has revealed that health is the most corrupted sector in Mongolia for people with disabilities followed by education, social welfare, the police and the judiciary. The survey was conducted by the Independent Agency against Corruption of Mongolia

Mongolia’s opera house suspends February events

The Mongolian National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet announced on Thursday (16 January) the suspension of all February events and concerts. This surprise announcement is evidently due to internal matters.  According to an official statement, the opera house will

More tourists visiting Mongolia

Mongolia received a total of 577,300 foreign tourists in 2019, up 9.1 percent on the previous year.  Almost a third, or 32.7 percent, were Chinese, 23 percent of arrivals were from Russia and 16.2 percent from South Korea.

Developing the tourism

Mongolian actors invited to attend Berlin Film Festival

Mongolian actors and actresses have been invited to participate in the 70th Berlin Film Festival for their roles in the ‘Veins of the World’ film. The Berlin Film Festival will take place on 20-29 February.

Mongolian actor, voice actor N.Yalalt, D.Battsetseg,

Mongolia tightens law on livestock theft

Many herders consider that the punishment for stealing livestock is not strict enough. For example, there is the well-known case of thieves who stole eight head of cattle being “let off” after doing some community service – whilst, a youngster

Mongolia’s Free Economic Zone on China’s doorstep

An investment forum entitled ‘The Connection between the Free Economic Zone and the Economic Corridor’ was held today (16 January) at the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry. At the event, Mongolia’s policies on transport and logistics and the

Icy death for 81 animals

A large number of livestock have fallen through the ice on the Delgermurun River in Khuvsgul Province in northern Mongolia.

The National Emergency Management Agency has issued warnings to drivers of vehicles, herders and individuals about approaching any frozen lakes and

Facebook to open Mongolian ‘War Room’

Social media giant Facebook will set up a ‘war room’ to counter misinformation and interference in in the upcoming Mongolian parliamentary election scheduled for June 2020.

With support from its US and Irish HQ’s, Facebook will provide 24-hour monitoring of content

Beating the Buzzer!

Mongolian player A.Anand has been named the best Tissot Buzzer Beater after scoring the highest votes by 3×3 FIBA. In basketball and other such timed sports, a buzzer beater is a shot that is taken before the game clock of