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The Hu: Tickets in UK and Ireland sold out!

After releasing their debut album to international acclaim, Mongolia’s ‘The Hu’ rock band recently finished their first ever tours of Europe and the USA. Now, once again, they will be rocking the UK, the US and the rest of the

The dynamic ‘Passive Housing Solution’ for Mongolia’s ger districts

The Capital City Housing Corporation of Mongolia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a company from Germany called Rongen Architekten to cooperate on introducing European ‘passive house standards’ to the country. The ‘passive house’ is the world’s leading benchmark

Mesmerizing ice town to be built on Lake Khuvsgul

Each March, Mongolia celebrates the Khuvsgul Ice Festival on the country’s most famous lake.

The event includes horse-drawn sleighs, elaborate ice sculptures, traditional food and vibrant competitions including ice skating, ice sumo wrestling, tug of war, ice ger building and dog

Electric buses start running in Ulaanbaatar

Mongolia has imported 10 electric buses from China for transportation in Ulaanbaatar. The electric buses began operation earlier today (20 January) on a three month-long trial. According to officials, the buses can handle -50 and -60 Celsius temperatures and can

Weekend bus service to Bogd Khaan for trekkers

The Ulaanbaatar City Administration has started a new bus service to Bogd Khaan Mountain for trekking. The service has been running since December 2019 and has the aim of supporting the wellbeing of the public. A total of six buses

Indian HIV activist cyclist reaches Mongolia

Earlier today (20 January), D.Batsukh, director of the Ulaanbaatar City Tourism Department has held a meeting with Indian activist Somen Debnath who is travelling around the world by bicycle. Somen Debnath is promoting a programme entitled: “Around the World on

‘Where are our kids?’

In an attempt to ease the traffic jams in the Mongolian capital and to ensure the safety of school children, the Ulaanbaatar city administration initiated a school bus service. The buses started running on 15 November 2019; currently, a total

Screening of Award-Winning Mongolian Film in Bangkok

Mongolia, one of the main partners of this year’s Asia Destination Film Forum (DFF 2020), which will take place in Bangkok on 30 January 2020, is showcasing the natural beauty of their country by screening the award-winning film ‘The Steed’.


Yogs and Yurts

Although they will not start among the favourites, for one man the very fact they are competing at the Lausanne 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games will feel as good as gold. It is proof that the considerable amounts of time,

China to close border crossings with Mongolia

The Mongolia-Chinese border crossings will be closed from January 25 to 27 on the occasion of the Chinese Lunar New Year celebration.

According to Article 4.3 of the 2004 inter-governmental agreement between Mongolia and China on Border Checkpoints and Procedures, the

Mongolia’s population reaches 3.3 million

According to preliminary data, the population of Mongolia reached 3.3 million at the end of 2019 with an increase of 63.1 thousand (1.9%) on the previous year.

In 2019, a total of 80,251 Mongolian babies were born, of which 78,223 (97.5%)