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See Ulaanbaatar by bus: 50% off for foreigners!

Since last year, the Ulaanbaatar City Administration has been running regular bus excursions around the Mongolian capital and nearby places of interest. The Ulaanbaatar City Tour Bus will begin its 2019 service from Monday (27 May) providing safe and comfortable

‘Burn Your Maps’ – US kid becomes Mongolian ‘herder’

‘Burn Your Maps’ is a film about an eight-year old American boy, Wes (Jacob Tremblay) who starts acting very strangely: he believes he IS a Mongolian nomad.  His fantasy becomes more and more extreme putting pressure on his parents, who

Historical Mongolian ‘2000’ movie to premiere in Seoul

‘The 2000’, a movie about historical event of Mongolia’s uprising against Qing (Manchu) dynasty will be screened in Seoul, the capital of South Korea on 25-31 May. The movie is based on a true historical event of the bloody uprising

Indian PM wears Mongolian deel during meditation

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi began his two-day visit to Uttarakhand on Sunday with a visit to Kedarnath shrine.  Dressed in deel, a traditional Mongolian outfit, PM Modi offered prayers at the temple for around half-an-hour and undertook circumambulation of

US fast food poisoning in Mongolian capital – again!

Another mass food poisoning has hit a US fast food chain in Ulaanbaatar – and again in Zaisan, a well-off suburb in the south of the capital. Over 120 people, 50 percent of whom were children, fell ill earlier this

Death in Mongolia’s State Palace

Former Mongolian lawmaker G.Batkhuu, also former Deputy Chair of Democratic Party, was found dead in Mongolia’s most important building, the State Palace, on Friday (17 May). According to one source, G.Batkhuu was discovered by a security guard with an apparently

Olympic medalist boxer to run in UB Marathon

The annual ‘Ulaanbaatar Marathon-2019’ will be held tomorrow (18 May) coinciding with Car Free Day. Every year, famous Mongolian individuals participate in the marathon for promoting healthy lifestyles and sports to the public. This year, Rio-Olympic silver medalist boxer D.Otgondalai

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits Mongolia’s southwest

On Thursday (16 May), a moderate earthquake hit Mongolia’s southwest province of Bayankhongor. According to the Mongolian National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), the earthquake measuring 5.2 on the Zag soum occurred at 5.46 p.m. (local time). Tremors from the earthquake

Cabinet approves 7 new Mongolian Ambassadors

Earlier today (17 May) the cabinet approved the appointment of 7 new ambassadors. In accordance with procedure, the list must be approved by the president.

The proposed new ambassadors are as follows;

-B.Dorj to be appointed as Mongolian ambassador to Poland.

-J.Sereenjav to

Ulaanbaatar’s new express bus service

Earlier today (17 May), the City Transportation Authority of Ulaanbaatar unveiled a new express bus service that enables passengers to travel between the western and eastern parts of the Mongolian capital in only 10-15 minutes. It usually takes 40 minutes