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Mongolian herders to work on big US sheep farms

A year ago, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) updated the list of countries eligible to participate in the H2A and H2B non-immigrant visa programs which includes Mongolia. The H2 visa gives foreign citizens the chance to officially work

Mongolia’s economic growth set to continue in 2019

The Mongolian economy is on track to exceed previous growth estimates for 2019, according to data from the Asian Development Bank.

A new report from Mongolian Properties indicates the ADB has been forced to revise its growth estimates following the economy’s

Mongolia to construct yak museum

Mongolia has the second highest yak population in the world after China. For centuries, the yak has held a great value for nomadic breeders. It has many uses and is necessary for the good development of a farm. Known in

Tracking the endangered Mongolian antelopes

The WWF-Mongolia has started an antelope study using satellite collars to determine their seasonal movement and pinpoint the factors resulting in declining populations. Specialists collared 25 female and male antelopes in 2018. However, by December, 2018, two of them had

President’s chief of staff to lead Mongolian judokas

On Friday (11 January), the Mongolian Judo Association appointed Z.Enkhbold as its vice-president. Mr Z.Enkhbold, who is also chief of staff to Mongolian President Kh.Battulga, will lead the judo team at the Tokyo Olympics-2020.

Previously, Kh.Battulga was president of the Mongolian

Mongolia’s projects for fighting air pollution

The Ministry of Electricity has been implementing two projects for fighting the deadly winter air pollution in the capital Ulaanbaatar. According to Electricity Minister Ts.Davaasuren, , a total of 42 thousand homes in the most polluted districts of Ulaanbaatar are

Mongolian Parliament holds all night session

Following yesterday’s mass public demonstration on Sukhbaatar Square, the Mongolian parliament held an all-night session which started at 02.12 a.m. and was attended by 77.3 percent of the members. During Thursday’s session, MPs discussed the draft amendment of the Parliament

Mongolia and Indian Foreign Ministers hold meeting

Mongolian Foreign Minister D.Tsogtbaatar met with his Indian counterpart Sushma Swaraj on the sidelines of the 4th Raisina Dialogue in New Delhi on 9 January. The two sides held a wide-ranging discussion on important bilateral issues and shared perspectives on

Celebrating Tsagaan Sar

In Mongolia, the first celebration of the year is the Lunar New Year, Tsagaan Sar, meaning “white moon”. The date of the celebrations is determined according to lunar calendar. Tsagaan Sar is a great family celebration with many ceremonies and

Photo exhibition marks 70th anniversary of Mongolia-China ties

A photo exhibition was held in Ulaanbaatar on Tuesday to commemorate the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and China.

The exhibition, titled “what we know and do not know about the China-Mongolia friendship,” showcased China’s great efforts to promote

Fall of Mongolian Tugrik against US Dollar continues

According to the Central Bank of Mongolia’s exchange rates published on 10 January, the Mongolian tugrik stood at MNT 2,666.36 against the US dollar; this represents a fall of MNT 16 in the last four days.

As of 10.30 a.m., today