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UB International film festival opens with ‘A Bigger World’

The 11th annual Ulaanbaatar International Film festival opened yesterday at the Tengis Cinema with an opening ceremony and the screening of German drama ‘A Bigger World’ by Fabienne Berthaud.

This year, commemorating the 380th anniversary of Ulaanbaatar, the film festival is

Mongolian banks during Tsagaan Sar: working hours

Most branches of the banks will be closed during the Tsagaan Sar holiday, from 16-19 February. Here is a list of the precise details of the banks in Ulaanbaatar during the public holiday:

President presents highest state awards

On 14 February, Mongolia President Kh.Battulga, presented the highest state awards to over 30 people. The award ceremony is always held right before the Mongolian national festival of ‘Tsagaan Sar’ (Lunar New Year).

Wanted! Mongolian sign language trainers

On 14th of February, the cross-party committee for protecting the rights of disabled people held a regular meeting at the State Palace. Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh, who is also head of the committee, spoke at the opening of the meeting.

Mongolian pilots flying between Haiti and Chile

A group of 36 Mongolian pilots from MIAT (Mongolian national airlines) has been conducting flights on the route between Haiti and Chile for two months. The pilots have been working in Chile under an agreement between MIAT and Sunrise airlines.

Media campaign to promote voluntary blood donation

On 12 February, the National Blood Transfusion Research Center (NBTRC) announced a media campaign to promote voluntary non-remunerated blood donations. The campaign will be implemented within the framework of Fifth Health Sector Development Project.

Mongolia grants 1221 North Korean work permits

Over 1200 North Koreans were granted permits to work in Mongolia in 2017, the government’s mission to the UN reported in a sanctions implementation report made public this week.