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Former Spymaster detained

B.Khurts, former director of Mongolian’s General Intelligence Agency has been detained by the Criminal Police Department over the ‘torture to confess’ case. He was taken to the 461st Detention Centre last night, where he remains in custody.

On 18 April, the

Mongolian victim of Edgewood shooting is buried in USA

Tudev Bayarsaikhan, one of three men killed when a co-worker opened fire at an Edgewood granite company this month, was remembered on Saturday as a devout Christian who emigrated from Mongolia to pursue the American dream.

Earthquake damages buildings in western Mongolia

An earthquake has damaged some buildings in the Gobi Altai Province, in western Mongolia. The epicenter of the 4.6 magnitude quake was 14km from Chandmani Soum; the time it struck was 08.05 p.m on 29 October.

Archaeologists find treasure from Yuan Dynasty

Archaeologists in China have uncovered the remains of a 700-year-old ship holding gold and bronze treasure from the time the Mongol descendants of Genghis Khan ruled the country.

Invest Mongolia Tokyo-2017

A Mongolian investment forum entitled “Invest Mongolia – Tokyo” will be held on the 24 November. This is the second time the event is being organised by “Frontier Securities” LLC, a company with a global network and international expertise, which has been working in the Mongolian securities market since 2009.

Exhibition of Mongolia’s great writer

O.Dashbalbar was one of Mongolia’s most famous writers and politicians. This year, members of his family are marking the 60th anniversary of his birth.