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Historical Mongolian ‘2000’ movie to premiere in Seoul

‘The 2000’, a movie about historical event of Mongolia’s uprising against Qing (Manchu) dynasty will be screened in Seoul, the capital of South Korea on 25-31 May. The movie is based on a true historical event of the bloody uprising

Mongolian NEMA officers learning English in India

Mongolia will host the Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction 16-19 July, 2018. The event is being organised by the Mongolian government in cooperation with the UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction.

Ambassadors’ wives on the catwalk at silk fashion show

A fashion show entitled “Celebration of Silk: Thai Silk Road to the World 2017” was held in Bangkok on 27 November. Mongolian designer B.Nomungerel participated in the event with her Mongol deel collection made of Thai silk.

Profit of big Mongolian banks increases

The Economic Policy and Competitiveness Research Centre (EPCRC) has been analyzing the performance of Mongolia’s banks. The research covered all but one of the country’s banks.

Hakuho prepares for Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Grand Champion ‘Yokozuna’ Hakuho finished the professional sumo November tournament on Sunday, with 14 wins and one defeat. The Mongolian champion, whose real name is M.Davaajargal, clinched his 40th tournament victory in last years’ tournament in the city of Fukuoka.

Mongolia to export sheep and goats

With around 61 million livestock, Mongolia has the potential to become a major exporter of meat. The Mongolian government has approved the export of sheep and goats from those provinces which are free from any livestock diseases.

Mongolia to axe foreign labour force

The Government of Mongolia sets an annual quota for the number of foreign workers quota employed by both local companies and foreign firms operating in the country