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Former Spymaster detained

B.Khurts, former director of Mongolian’s General Intelligence Agency has been detained by the Criminal Police Department over the ‘torture to confess’ case. He was taken to the 461st Detention Centre last night, where he remains in custody.

On 18 April, the

Declassifation of S.Zorig murder case – false!

On 1 December, Mongolian Minister of Justice and Internal Affairs Ts.Nyamdorj, announced that a total of 14926 classified materials from the S.Zorig murder case file №830142 “are to be” made public.

First Mongolian cosmonaut celebrates 70th birthday

J.Gurragchaa, the first Mongolian in space is celebrating his 70th birthday today (5 December). Parliamentary Office Secretary Ts.Tsolmon, has received the former cosmonaut at State House and congratulated him on his birthday.

President vetoes 2018 State Budget spending plans

Earlier today (5 December), Kh.Battulga, the President of Mongolia, vetoed spending plans in the 2018 State Budget law which had been approved by parliament. The law has backed by the State Great Khural (parliament) on 14 November.

Mongolian schoolchildren attend three shifts due to lack of schools

Mongolia is 18th largest country in the world by land mass. It is unique, however, in that over half its three million population live in its capital city. The large-scale migration to Ulaanbaatar, literally doubling its population, has occurred relatively recently and has resulted in ongoing social and infrastructure pressures.

China to increase mining and meat exports from Mongolia

Mongolia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs D.Tsogtbaatar is making an official visit to China from 3 to 5 December at the invitation of of his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi. It is the Mongolian minister’s first visit to China since the new government in Mongolia was established in October.

Sumo legend invites Mongolian woman on date

Former sumo wrestler ‘Asashoryu’ D.Davgadorj is the one who started Mongolia’s domination in Japanese professional sumo. Currently, D.Davgadorj is working as an advisor to Mongolian President Kh.Battulga.

Ulaanbaatar City Council approves 2018 budget

Earlier today (4 December), Ulaanbaatar City Council approved the budget for 2018. At its second irregular meeting, the council discussed the bill for the 2018 city budget, along with a plan for land utilization and privatisation to be undertaken next year.