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Mongolia reports highest number of COVID-19 cases in a day

Today (5 March), Mongolia reported 77 new confirmed COVID-19 cases – the highest number since 10 March 2020 when the country of three million had its first imported case of the virus. All the new cases are in the Mongolian

From Prison to Parliament: J.Erdenebat to be released

Today (3 March), a Mongolian court decided to release former Prime Minister J.Erdenebat and others, namely, B.Otgonbaatar and D.Tuvshinjargal from prison at the request of their lawyers.
The case relating to former MP J.Erdenebat and five others was returned for

Mongolian People’s Party turns 100

Today (1 March), the Mongolian People’s Party, the oldest political party in Mongolia is celebrating its 100th anniversary of foundation. Entitled ‘Patriotic Day’, the party has been celebrating its anniversary since 2004.

Established by D.Sukhbaatar in 1921, the political party divided

Myanmar crisis: Mongolians desperate to get out

On Sunday (28 February), Myanmar’s security forces launched their most violent and deadly crackdown on peaceful demonstrators since the 1 February coup by the military junta. At least 18 people died and more than 30 were injured, according to the

Mongolia cuts ticket prices on chartered flights by 15 percent

MIAT, Mongolian Airlines has cut the ticket prices by 15 percent for chartered flights from 1 March to repatriate Mongolians stranded in foreign countries due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Therefore, the ticket prices of charter flights between Seoul and Ulaanbaatar

COVID cases from unknown sources confirmed in Ulaanbaatar

Today (1 March), Mongolia confirmed 45 new cases of coronavirus in Ulaanbaatar. According to the Health Ministry, 29 of the people had been under observation, 13 people had been identified in the recent mass testing programme, as having had direct

Mongolia sends all children back to school

From today (1 March), pupils in all 21 provinces of Mongolia are set to return to the classroom, after authorities approved the return to on-site teaching in a balancing act between coronavirus concerns and children’s education. However, students in the Mongolian

One person in serious condition after contracting COVID-19

Today (25 February), Mongolia confirmed 46 cases for coronavirus after conducting 16,777 PRC-tests nationwide.

So far, the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the country has reached 2,801. Separately, the total number of recovered people reached 2,097 with a recovery

Mongolia ‘looks to open borders to tourists by May’

Mongolian Prime Minister L.Oyun-Erdene is reported to be considering plans to open the country’s borders to vaccinated foreign tourists by May.  PM L.Oyun-Erdene has held a meeting with representatives from the country’s tourism and hotels sector. He noted that Mongolia

Senior official from Mongolian NCCD retires

Earlier today (25 February), Mrs. A.Ambaselmaa, Head of the Surveillance and Research Centre of the National Centre for Communicative Diseases submitted a letter of retirement. The NCCD has been – and remains – organisation responsible for spearheading Mongolia’s fight against

Mongolia vaccinates over 3000 people within two days

It has been two days since Mongolia started its vaccination programme against COVID-19 after receiving the first patch of the AstraZeneca vaccine from India. Mongolia aims to vaccinate more than 14,000 employees from 16 sectors including health care. So far,