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Archaeologists find Mongol Empire-era tomb

Mongolian and U.S. archaeologists have found valuable items in a tomb in Khuvsgul Province, in the north of the country. According to the National Museum of Mongolia, the tomb has been dated back to the time of the Mongol Empire

Off the rails – accident near Chinese border

Seven wagons of a freight train were derailed yesterday morning (14 August) at Maanit Station of Mongolia. The Russian-owned freight train was travelling from Ulaanbaatar to Zamyn-Ud – an important city in Dornogobi Province which borders with China.

Currently, six wagons

When Katajjaq meets Khuumii – sensation in Quebec

An multicultural Inuit and Mongolian throat-singing show was the highlight of the night at the Montreal First Peoples Festival last week. The festival has been taking place from 7- 14 August. Every evening, the public has been able to hear

Mongolian Olympic medalist boxer turns to the professional ring

State-honoured athlete D.Otgondalai who was a bronze medalist of Rio-2016 has turned to professional boxing. Currently, he is training at Ten Goose Boxing Gym in Los Angeles with IBO champion N.Tugstsogt – better known as ‘King Tug’.

Since July, D.Otgondalai has

UB new road zones suspended

Ulaanbaatar City Administration has suspended its decision to divide all roads in the city into three zones, namely: ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ due lack of public cooperation.

According to the plan, Zone ‘A’ would cover the roads between the Mongolian State

Day of unity: marking Mongolia’s first Olympic gold medal

Mongolia made its Olympic debut in Tokyo in 1964. The country sent a total of twenty-one athletes representing four sporting categories. That first outing served as a very good learning experience for the Mongolian athletes because in the 1968 Summer

Mongolia confirms Putin’s visit Khalkh Gol Victory celebration

Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit Mongolia in September to attend the events marking the 80th anniversary of victory in the Battles of Khalkhin Gol.  According to Z.Enkhbold, Chief of Staff of Mongolian President, Putin will visit Mongolia on 3

Gobi folk festival attracts 15,000 tourists

Entitled “The Sun over the Placid World,” a major folk art festival was held in Dundgovi Province at the weekend.

Around 3,300 local traditional long song singers and players of the morin khuur performed at an open-air theater in Ikh Gazriin

International photojournalists on Mongolian shooting-spree

More than 20 photojournalists from six countries are participating in an international photojournalism programme in Ulaanbaatar.

Entitled “Mongolia Today,” the programme is being co-organized by Mongolia’s national news agency Montsame, the United Association of Mongolian Photographers, the Council on Mongolian National

Missing in the mountains – Korean woman alive and well

A 61-year-old South Korean woman who went missing on Sunday (11 August) has safely returned to the ‘Sky Resort’, ski resort located near Ulaanbaatar after spending a night on the Bogd Khan mountain range alone. According to one source, the