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Kiva “green loans” now available through Xac Bank

Kiva personal consumption “green loans” are now available from the Eco Products Team at XacBank, a Kiva lending affiliate. They are meant to help people buy energy efficient stoves, Ger covers, and energy efficient fuel. GTZ, a German government-run sustainable

The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes 2 Hidden object

Шотландын зохиолч Arthur Conan
Doyle-ын гайхалтай уран сэтгэмжээс урган гарсан домогт мєрдєгч Sherlock
Holmes-н амьдарч асан Лондон хотын 221B Baker Street-д зочилж, английн
хатан хаан Victoria-гийн ноёрхол тогтож байсан тvvхэн цаг хугацаан дахь
16 учир битvvлэг гэмт хэргийн нарийн учир зангилааг тайлахыг хvсч байна

Bid to include non-military persons in peace operations

MPs R.Amarjargal, Ya.Batsuuri, Kh.Jekei, Ts.Shinebayar and Z.Enkhbold have developed a draft law about participation of military and police officers in UN peacekeeping missions and other international actions. It was presented to Parliament Speaker D.Demberel on Tuesday.
The draft proposes to allow

Labor union leader moots study-now-pay-later program

The Mongolian Labor Union leader, S.Ganbaatar, has told media that the union, together with the Mongol-Tenger student union, has proposed to several schools in countries such as the USA and Canada to accept 50,000 students from Mongolia on a study-now-pay-later

NNP asks court to cancel Oyutolgoi investment agreement

The National New Party has filed an appeal with the Bayanzurkh district court seeking cancellation of the Oyutolgoi investment agreement between Ivanhoe Mines Mongolia Inc and the Mongolian Government. The party feels certain references in the agreement violate provisions in

L.Gundalai: DP factions forget who their main target is

Former Health Minister L.Gundalai answers questions on the political scene and the state of affairs in the Democratic Parrty.
How was the rotational election in Khuvsgul province?
There was a strong competition with nine people fighting for four seats. Happily they fought

Chinalco says its presence will help Oyu Tolgoi

Aluminum Corp of China (Chinalco) President Xiong Weiping has said his company hopes to participate in Oyu Tolgoi, the Mongolian copper-gold project being developed by Ivanhoe Mines.
“Since Chinalco is the largest non-ferrous metal company in China, and China has a