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Can Mongolia’s Argali sheep survive?

Argali can weigh up to 400 pounds, which makes them roughly twice the size of North American bighorn sheep. With a light brown coat, the animals are known for their impressive, spiraling horns—an Argali ram’s corkscrew horns can grow up

Copper price could rise to USD8,000 per ton in coming months

UK-based Barclays Capital is bullish on the copper outlook for 2010, expecting the commodity”s price to increase to USD8,000/ton in the first half of the year. Its research team forecasts that copper prices will increase to record highs in the

Mongolia to sell USD bonds after October

Finance Minister S. Bayartsogt has told Bloomberg that Mongolia plans to sell as much as USD1.2 billion of bonds overseas later this year in what would be its first sale of dollar-denominated debt, to fund infrastructure supporting its mining industry.

Asashoryu’s retirement ceremony on October 3

The formal ceremony to mark yokozuna Asashoryu’s retirement from sumo will take place on October 3. The 68th yokozuna, who has won 25 titles, will step into the sumo arena for the last time on that day. Fellow Mongolians yokozuna

IMF and World Bank representatives call on Speaker

Parliament Speaker D.Demberel last week discussed the 4th stage of the “Stand-by” program Mongolia is jointly implementing with the IMF, with Steven Barnett, Permanent Representative of the Fund here, and Rogier van den Brink, a senior economist of the World

Mongolians smell conspiracy over Asashoryu, reports Japanese newspaper

A report in The Japan Times, appearing under the heading “Mongolian press ridicules JSA”, says several Mongolian newspapers have featured articles on their front pages reporting that a conspiracy was behind former yokozuna Asashoryu”s decision to quit sumo over his

Mongolians part of Cultural Olympiad in Vancouver

There are four days to go before the world”s athletes take to the slopes and rinks at the Vancouver Winter Olympics, but the world”s artists are already drawing crowds to the Cultural Olympiad, which opened January 22 and runs to

Ex-President Enkhbayar leads aid team to 3 provinces

Former President N.Enkhbayar, who heads an NGO called Countryside Development Center, is visiting the countryside with a team to meet herders and other citizens in areas badly hit by the severe winter. They plan to cover more than 2,000 km

Mongolia not to sell stake ln Tavantolgoi

The Mongolian Government has canceled the auction of an estimated USD2-billion stake in the Tavantolgoi deposit, one of the world’s largest undeveloped coal deposits, ending hopes of global mining giants eager for a slice of the project, sources said.