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Can Mongolia’s Argali sheep survive?

Argali can weigh up to 400 pounds, which makes them roughly twice the size of North American bighorn sheep. With a light brown coat, the animals are known for their impressive, spiraling horns—an Argali ram’s corkscrew horns can grow up

Khan Bank team meets President on herder loans

A high-power Khan Bank team, led by CEO Peter Morrow, recently briefed President Ts.Elbegdorj on measures the bank has taken to provide succor to herders who borrowed from it and now find themselves in distress because of the harsh winter.

Asashoryu likely to get USD 1.2 million in retirement benefit

The Japan Sumo Association has said it will make a retirement settlement with former yokozuna Asashoryu, who last week quit the sport following allegations he attacked a man outside a Tokyo night club while drunk. The amount has not been

Global sale of shares in assets-based companies not immediately

Prime Minister S.Batbold has said Mongolia may start the process toward listing shares in its gold, copper and coal companies in international stock exchanges later this year. First, however, these companies based on the mineral reserves have to be formed.

Initiators of good laws to get MNT 20 million

A move is afoot to award MNT 20 million to the initiator of each “successful” law, possibly meaning one that is approved without much dissent. This means people will be paid extra for doing what they are paid to do.

No signs of end to recession

Figures released by the National Statistics Bureau make it unlikely that Mongolia will come out of the recession any time soon. 
The number of births in January reached 6,127, 729 or 13.5 percent more than in January last year, while

IMF likely to release another USD24 million soon

The International Monetary Fund has said it expects the Mongolian economy to rebound sharply this year thanks to the Oyu Tolgoi project, while inflation should remain under control. The IMF said in a statement after a visit to Mongolia that

Young Mongolians caught carrying drugs

The central laboratory of the General Customs Authority has revealed that samples seized from a passenger traveling by the UB-Erlian train were of a kind of morphine. The head of the laboratory, N.Tsolmon, said the narcotic is banned under the

Economic forum a success

The Mongolia Economic Forum, inaugurated by President Ts.Elbegdorj on Monday and marked by a presentation from Hernando De Soto, ended yesterday, after discussing budgetary reform, development of the mining sector, problems facing the environment, adoption of a green economy, reforms

Uranium price expected to remain steady for two years

The spot price of uranium was likely to remain steady for the next two years, averaging between USD40/lb and USD60/lb, according to an analyst. TradeTech CE Gene Clark has said uranium spot price enjoyed a strong rally between 2003 and