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Mongolia to begin paying foreign debts from 2021

The Mongolian economy will face challenges in 2021 when repayment of foreign debts begins, J.Delgersdaikhan has said. The specialist, who is a lecturer at the the University of Finance and Economics was speaking  at a conference entitled the ‘Balance of

Government award policy to be changed

 A competition has been announced for individuals, teams and organizations to suggest alternative plans and designs for state titles and medals, as also their monetary component, to change the present policy governing their award, often criticized as a remnant of

Bayar returns, seen in Government House

MPRP Chairman S.Bayar spent a brief while in his office in Government House on Monday afternoon. He seemed to have lost some weight but otherwise looked healthy. He did not agree to take questions from reporters.

Head of Intelligence asks organizers of march to maintain peace

General Intelligence Authority Director R.Bold has asked G.Uyanga and D.Battsogt, the organizers of a citizens’ movement, to take all precautions that their proposed march on April 5 does not lead to incidents like on July 1, 2008. He promised them

Government to discuss Oyutolgoi feasibility study

Finance Minister S.Bayartsogt said that on March 25 the Professional Mineral Council added a further 5.7 million tons to the initial 25.3 million tons of copper reserve at Oyutolgoi registered on July 1, 2009. This takes the total reserve in the

3,000 environmental impact assessments listed in database

The Government has launched an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) database project, where more than 3,000 ‘detailed’ EIAs have already been scanned and digitized. The World Bank funds the project.
Nearly 100 people were employed on this project, most tasked with

More than 182,000 Mongolians work abroad

Recently released official figures reveal 182,506 Mongolians are employed in foreign countries, whilst 9,550 are there as students. An overwhelming majority of 90,000 of them are in Kazakhstan, with 46,000 holding dual citizenship. The second most popular destination for immigrant

17 TVET projects awarded MCA-M grants

A total of 17 projects received total investment grants of more than USD1,200,000 at a recent ceremony organized by the Millennium Challenge Account-Mongolia (MCA-M) Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Project. Of these nine were in the field of

M.Enkhsaikhan: There is nothing good in the Oyutolgoi agreement

A former Prime Minister, and founder of the National New Party,  M.Enkhsaikhan, answers questions on the current political scene.
The Mineral Council approved the feasibility study of Oyutolgoi last Thursday. Coinciding with this, there was information that a Rio Tinto official

Hakuho wins Osaka tournament without losing a bout

The 69th yokozuna and the second from Mongolia, Hakuho, won the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament with a perfect 15-0 record on Sunday. He needed a win over fellow Mongolian Harumafuji to stave off a championship playoff against Estonian sekiwake Baruto