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Mongolia to begin paying foreign debts from 2021

The Mongolian economy will face challenges in 2021 when repayment of foreign debts begins, J.Delgersdaikhan has said. The specialist, who is a lecturer at the the University of Finance and Economics was speaking  at a conference entitled the ‘Balance of

Bulgan soum children poisoned by chemicals in cake

The mass sickness in a school of Bulgan province has now been traced to nitrite and lead in the cake served at lunch, and not to any bacteria. This information was given by D.Namsrai, vice director of General Emergency Authority.

Teachers demanding pay raise to demonstrate on Sunday

Teachers at all institutions who are paid by the Government will organize a protest demonstration at Sukhbaatar Square on April 4 to press for a salary increase. Their main demand is for the implementation of the Government promise to raise

Government approval validates investment agreement

The Government’s approval of the feasibility study yesterday has come six days before the date scheduled for the agreement to take full effect. Minister for Nature, Environment and Tourism L.Gansukh, Minister for Finance S.Bayartsogt and Minister for Minerals and Energy

SouthGobi announces operation and financing highlights in 2009

In a recently released report, SouthGobi Energy Resources has highlighted the following developments in the year ended December 31, 2009, and immediately thereafter.
Some 1,330,000 tons of coal were sold from the Ovoot Tolgoi mine.
An open-pit mine study independently prepared by

Food fair in Ottawa serves bansh and khuusuur

The diplomatic missions of 19 Asia-Pacific countries recently organized a food fair in Ottawa, offering some 30 types of food to visitors. This was the first time the Embassy of Mongolia participated in the annual event, preparing bansh and khuushuur

UFC 86 Jackson vs Griffin World Light Heavyweight Championship

Сайтын хэрэглэгч та бvхэндээ тулааны
нэгэн холбоо болох UFC-ын World Light Heavyweight-ын аваргын бvсийн
тєлєєх UFC World Light Heavyweight-ын аварга Jackson болон Griffin нарын
гайхамшигт тулааныг толилуулж байгаадаа таатай байна. UFC нь К1 тулааны
тєрєлтэй тєстэй ба WWE-ээс дvрмийн хувьд

Wrestlemania XXV

2009 оны 4-р сарын 5-ны єдєр АНУ-ын Houston хотод байрлах Reliant Stadium-д болж єнгєрсєн WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment)-н хамгийн том тэмцээн болох Wrestlemania XXV  (The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania)-г та бvхэндээ дуу дvрсний єндєр чанар болох HD 1080p бичлэгтэйгээр, Монголчуудын

She’s Out of My League 2010 TS

Paramount Pictures болон DreamWorks компаниудын хамтын бvтээл “She”s Out of My League” нэртэй америкийн романтик, инээдмийн кино 2010 оны 3-р сарын 12-нд нээлтээ хийснийг та бvхэндээ хvргэхээр шийдлээ. Британийн кино найруулагч Jim Field Smith-ийн найруулж, Pittsburgh хотод зураг авалт нь

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Єнгєрєгч 2009 оны 10-р сарын 2-нд нээлтээ хийсэн найруулагч Terry Gilliam-ын найруулсан “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” хэмээх зєгнєлт киног толилуулж байна. Best Art Direction болон Best Costume Design гэсэн хоёр категориор Академийн шагналд нэр дэвшсэн энэ киноны тєсєв эхлээд