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See Ulaanbaatar by bus: 50% off for foreigners!

Since last year, the Ulaanbaatar City Administration has been running regular bus excursions around the Mongolian capital and nearby places of interest. The Ulaanbaatar City Tour Bus will begin its 2019 service from Monday (27 May) providing safe and comfortable

About 10 factories process ores in Mongolia

There are 1,170 mines and over 8,000 sites containing 80 types of minerals registered in Mongolia. The mining sector accounts for 30 percent of GDP, 65.5 percent of total industrial products and 88.2 percent of exports. The latest survey shows

UNESCO to send experts to resolve khoomi controversy

Minister of Education, Culture and Science Yo.Otgonbayar attended a UNESCO meeting in Paris on February 11-12 to discuss issues of enhancing the efficiency of the partner nations and to review the system of rendering assistance. Mongolia has so far received

Eagle Festival held in Nukht

This year’s Eagle Festival took place in Nukht on Wednesday. The Civil Representatives’ Assembly of Bayan-Ulgii province and the local council in Ulaanbaatar have been jointly holding this festival since 1999, with support from the Ministry of Nature, Environment and

UNICEF appeals for help to children, dying and in distress

UNICEF has issued an appeal for nearly USD750,000 to help Mongolia face a crisis that is already seeing youngsters die and threatens scores of thousands more. “The UN is acutely aware of the need to reach increasingly isolated populations with

Leighton Holdings sure it will be asked to develop Tavantolgoi

Leighton Holdings, the world”s biggest contract miner, is confident it will eventually be chosen to develop the Tavantolgoi deposit in Mongolia, its chief executive Wal King said last week. Mongolia recently scrapped plans to sell 49 percent of Tavantolgoi, snubbing

MPRP “rebels” want ill Bayar to go

Reports of the deteriorating health of ex-PM and MPRP head S.Bayar are causing consternation in the party. He is now in the USA but the rumor is that he has been too ill to speak to anybody here. Groups within

Khan Bank team meets President on herder loans

A high-power Khan Bank team, led by CEO Peter Morrow, recently briefed President Ts.Elbegdorj on measures the bank has taken to provide succor to herders who borrowed from it and now find themselves in distress because of the harsh winter.

Asashoryu likely to get USD 1.2 million in retirement benefit

The Japan Sumo Association has said it will make a retirement settlement with former yokozuna Asashoryu, who last week quit the sport following allegations he attacked a man outside a Tokyo night club while drunk. The amount has not been

Global sale of shares in assets-based companies not immediately

Prime Minister S.Batbold has said Mongolia may start the process toward listing shares in its gold, copper and coal companies in international stock exchanges later this year. First, however, these companies based on the mineral reserves have to be formed.