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South Korea – major coronavirus threat to Mongolia

Mongolia is on high alert after confirmed cases of the coronavirus infection in South Korea reached 156 and one died on Friday morning. As of 30 December, 2019, there are 48158 Mongolians living in South Korea.

According to health officials, Mongolia

Joint Parliament-IMF workshop discusses economy

bankers and other financial professionals, and academics were among those who
attended Monday’s workshop on policy issues facing Mongolia, organized jointly by the
Standing Committee on the Economy and the IMF Mongolia office. Chairing the
workshop, Speaker D.Demberel said the Mongolian economy was

President receives “Amai” J.Zolbayar

Zolbayar, better known to his countrymen as Amai, left Mongolia on
November 4, 2005 and came back after 4 years, 6 months and 12 days. His
wanderlust took him to 69 countries including Russia,
Finland, Sweden, Norway,
Denmark, Germany, France,
Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia,
Kenya, Tanzania and

Czech PM arrives tomorrow for two-day visit

Czech Prime Minister Jan Fischer will pay an official visit
to Mongolia
on Wednesday and Thursday. This will be the first such high-level visit since
1993. The Czech prime minister has been invited by his Mongolian counterpart,
S. Batbold.
Apart from his talks with Mongolian

Clear directions on mining needed, feels Ministry official

A senior official at the Ministry of Mineral Resources and
Energy, B.Batkhuu, has said Parliament needs to give a clear direction on the
extent and nature of State participation in mining, and on the status, quality,
and exact nature of private-public partnership. The

PM stresses need for quick development of securities market

A working group set up by the Prime Minister has prepared a
list of measures to be implemented to develop the securities market. The
measures are aimed at improving the legal environment to put in place a
medium-term plan for a securities market

Itochu targets Mongolian coal to expand trade

Itochu Corp., Japan’s fourth-largest trading company, has invested
in Winsway Coking Coal Holdings Ltd. to secure coal from Mongolia, stepping up competition with China and Russia for the steelmaking ingredient
as prices jump, says a report by Bloomberg.

Itochu joined a group

Driv3r 2005PCENGRUS Mediafire + Megaupload

Atari-ийн гаргаж байсан Driv3r хэмээх GTA-тай төстэй тоглоомыг хүргэж
байна. Та Nice, Miami гэх мэт том хотуудаар даалгавар биелүүлэн мөн
тэнэж болно.
Мөн та тусгай даалгавруудыг машин, мотоцикл, усан онгоц гэх мэт
зүйлсүүдийг ашиглан биелүүлж болно. Хэмжээ нь тийм ч том биш бөгөөд

Oceans Duugi

2010 оны 4 – р сарын 22 буюу Их дэлхийн өдрөөр нээлэтээ
хийсэн DisneyNature studio – с гаргасан Oceans буюу Далай гэх баримтат
киног кам чанартайгаар дүүги шэйрээс татаж авахаар хүргэж байна. Энэхүү
киног Jaques Perrin бичиж  Laurent Debas ,

Robin Hood TS Gogo

2010 оны 5 – р сарын
14 – нд  нээлтээ хийсэн Action Drama төрлийн RobinHood гэх киног TS
бичлэгтэйгээр ГоГо шэйрээс татахаар хүргэж байна. Энэхүү киног Brain Helgeland зохиосон бөгөөд
найруулагчаар нь Ridley Scott , Rissell Crowe , Brain Grazer

Off Road ArenaDuugiHF

За та бүхэндээ  Off Road Arena гэх уралдааны төрлийн нэгэн жижигхэн тоглоомыг хүргэж байна.  Тоглоомын тухайд та үе давж тоголж
болохоос гадна өөр хэн нэгэнтэй лангаар холбогдож тоголж болно.
Ажиллахын хувьд 100% шүү. Татаж аваад шууд задлаад тоглоорой.Үргэлжлэл