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Museum to the Last Queen of Mongolia

The government has decided to establish a museum for Ts.Dondogdulam, the last queen of Mongolia and wife of the Bogd Khan. The museum will be established near her mausoleum which is located in Sharga Morit, in the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar.


Object from sky most likely a dead satellite

The round steel object, with a 7.5-meter diameter and with the number 02728 on it, that fell from the sky in Buren soum of Tuv province on February 19 was most possibly a dead satellite, according to experts in the

Child dies after rejection at hospital

A four-year-old child has died because of bureaucracy in a hospital. The parents took him to the Sukhbaatar district hospital because it was near but the doctors there refused to see him as they were not residents of the district.

Mongolbank official not very optimistic

D.Boldbaatar, Director of Mongolbank’s Monetary Policy Research Department, answers questions on the economic condition and the monetary policy.
How does Mongolbank see the economy?
Statisticians and sociologists from Mongolbank make a broad survey of the social, economic and financial sectors once

Rise in drug cases causes concern

Cases of drug running involving Mongolians are being reported with alarming frequency.  There are 15 people at present under investigation, while two Mongolians caught on the Chinese side of the border have been sentenced to death under Chinese law.
A nightclub

U.Enkhtuvshin joins race for MPRP chairmanship

There is no confirmation but the MPRP is likely to hold its conference on March 20. A successor to S.Bayar as party chairman is also likely to be chosen in it. A new name is being heard now. He is

Energy Resources might go for an IPO to raise funds

Energy Resources LLC, a closely held coking coal producer in Mongolia, is considering an initial public offering in Hong Kong or London, its majority shareholder has said. “It’s just an idea at the moment, but we are looking to raise

Hong Kong-listed firm to buy Mongolian coal mines

Hong Kong-listed Kiu Hung Energy Holdings will be buying three mines in a western province of Mongolia from First Dean Holdings on payment of between HKD1 billion and HKD1.4 billion in cash or by issuing bonds or notes. The three

Micro Technologies (India) enters Mongolia

Micro Technologies (India) Ltd. has expanded its IT-based business to Mongolia, planning to provide highly advanced security products in the domestic market. The company said it would offer its various products for vehicle, mobile security and tracking, premises security, including

Livestock insurance project to reach more Mongolian herders

The World Bank has approved a USD10-million scale-up of the Index Based Livestock Insurance Project (IBLIP) in Mongolia. IBLIP, introduced in 2006, provides herders with insurance through partnering with local private insurance companies, to get protection against climate-related losses to