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Asian Buddhist Peace Conference to take place in Ulaanbaatar

The Gandantegchinlen Monastery is preparing to host Asian Buddhist Peace Conference on 21 June. A total of 500 delegates from 30 countries are expected to visit Mongolia for the conference. The event will take place at the newly constructed Battsagaan

Eight Bulgan school children still in hospital

Of the 212 3rd-5th grade students and seven teachers In Secondary School No.12 of Bulgan province of Khovd aimag who showed symptoms of food poisoning after the school lunch on March 19, 126 students and all the teachers were taken

Philippines donates US$20,000 to Mongolia

The Philippine Embassy in Beijing has said that the Philippine Ambassador to China Francisco Benedicto handed over a check of US$20,000 to Mongolian Ambassador to China Tsedenjav Sukhbaatar at the Mongolian Embassy in Beijing. The amount represented the Philippine Government”s

Citizens over 60 free to adopt children

The Constitutional Court yesterday ruled that Article 57.2 of Family Law disallowing citizens over 60 from adopting children violates the State Constitution which clearly says there can be no age-related discrimination.
Thus, citizens over 60 years of age will be free

Temasek eyeing Mongolia

Singapore sovereign wealth fund Temasek Holdings wants to increase its exposure to mining in Mongolia. “We have made investments there and we are fairly bullish about Mongolia,” said  Nagi Hamiyeh, managing director of investments at Temasek, on the sidelines of

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Japanese to have visa-free entry for 30 days

The Mongolian Government decided at a Wednesday cabinet meeting to grant Japanese citizens visa-free entry for up to 30 days. The main purpose of the measure is to attract more Japanese tourists to Mongolia, said G. Zandanshatar, Mongolia”s Minister of

B.Delgermaa: It is time for DP to leave the coalition

B.Delgermaa answers questions on politics today.
I want you to answer a question as a politician, not a DP member. Is the situation in both DP and MPRP indicating a fall in the standards of politics in Mongolia?
Only time will tell.

Marginal fall in non-performing loans

Mongolbank reports that money supply (broad money or M2) at the end of February 2010 rose 3.1 percent over the previous month, and 27.9 percent over the same period in 2009. Currency issued in circulation was 0.4 percent more than

20 Mongolian business representatives to attend franchising expo in USA

The Business Council of Mongolia and the U.S. Embassy are jointly sponsoring a Mongolian business mission to the International Franchising Exhibition in Washington DC from 9-11 April. The tem will include 20 people from 17 companies including mining, heavy machinery, freight forwarding,

Kiva “green loans” now available through Xac Bank

Kiva personal consumption “green loans” are now available from the Eco Products Team at XacBank, a Kiva lending affiliate. They are meant to help people buy energy efficient stoves, Ger covers, and energy efficient fuel. GTZ, a German government-run sustainable