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Asian Buddhist Peace Conference to take place in Ulaanbaatar

The Gandantegchinlen Monastery is preparing to host Asian Buddhist Peace Conference on 21 June. A total of 500 delegates from 30 countries are expected to visit Mongolia for the conference. The event will take place at the newly constructed Battsagaan

Hakuho wins Osaka tournament without losing a bout

The 69th yokozuna and the second from Mongolia, Hakuho, won the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament with a perfect 15-0 record on Sunday. He needed a win over fellow Mongolian Harumafuji to stave off a championship playoff against Estonian sekiwake Baruto

Decision on Anod may be left to Parliament

A decision on the widely expected dissolution of Anod Bank has once again been postponed, leaving the bank in business even after March. The Central Bank appointed a Receiver there last November and according to rules, he was to submit

Cook likely to be charged for school food poisoning

The school cook and two others are likely to be charged with criminal negligence leading to the recent food poisoning at the Russian-Mongolian secondary school No.3 in Ulaanbaatar which led to the hospitalization of 236 students and several teachers. The

Baitag-Uliastai port to reopen soon

The suffering of local residents following the closure of the Baitag-Uliastai border post in Khovd is set to end with its likely reopening in April. Heavy snow had made all roads in the area impassable. The closure of the port

Mining laws come in for criticism at conference

Some 400 delegates, including MPs, Government officials, ambassadors, and representatives of mining companies attended a conference on Friday jointly organized by the Ministry for Minerals and Energy, and the Mongolian National Mining Association. Several mining representatives had complaints about recent

USD60 million already lost in dzud

An AFP report has placed the total economic losses stemming from the dzud in Mongolia at already over USD60 million. Nine human deaths have so far been reported — mainly herders who got lost in whiteouts while searching for wayward

Erdenet copper output shows little change year-on-year

Erdenet Mining Corporation produced 126,485 tons of copper concentrate last year, practically unchanged from the 126,796 tons produced in 2008. The company has said in a statement that it processed 25.9 million tons of ore in 2009, up slightly from

MRAM compiles booklet on mineral sector laws

The Mineral Resources Authority has recently compiled laws, Parliamentary resolutions, Government decisions, legal documents and statements from Ministers and senior officials in the minerals sector, and published it under the title Laws in the Mineral Sector of Mongolia. D.Batkhuyag, Chairman