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Former Spymaster detained

B.Khurts, former director of Mongolian’s General Intelligence Agency has been detained by the Criminal Police Department over the ‘torture to confess’ case. He was taken to the 461st Detention Centre last night, where he remains in custody.

On 18 April, the

Handouts will never reduce poverty: S.Oyun

S. Oyun, the Civil Will MP, has noted that the budget is twice as big as it was 20 years ago, GDP has increased 50%, but the poverty percentage remains the same as in 1990. This is despite the fact

MNT 30 billion allocated for SME loans starting May

MNT 30 billion will be given as loans to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Of this, MNT 10.5 billion will be spent in 21 provinces, MNT 5 billion in UB, MNT 5 billion for leasing loans, MNT 9 billion

Minister explains why health sector is in trouble

Minister for Health S.Lambaa answers questions on the health sector.
Maternity houses have been shutting down one after another. Today, only the Mother Child Science Center is working normally despite the fact that the birth rate is increasing. What is the

Speaker in South Korea

Parliament Speaker D.Demberel has been on a visit to the Republic of Korea since February 22 on an invitation by the National Assembly (NA) there. He began by visiting Incheon”s free economic zone, and then met with Lee Ben Soo,

NNP prepares new Constitution to bring in new future

The Head of the National New Party, Ts.Tsolmon, and its Secretary General, B.Tsogtgerel, told media yesterday that the 10th general meeting of the party on Monday  had resolved to work for a stronger government. Only then can national interests be

Object from sky most likely a dead satellite

The round steel object, with a 7.5-meter diameter and with the number 02728 on it, that fell from the sky in Buren soum of Tuv province on February 19 was most possibly a dead satellite, according to experts in the

Child dies after rejection at hospital

A four-year-old child has died because of bureaucracy in a hospital. The parents took him to the Sukhbaatar district hospital because it was near but the doctors there refused to see him as they were not residents of the district.

Mongolbank official not very optimistic

D.Boldbaatar, Director of Mongolbank’s Monetary Policy Research Department, answers questions on the economic condition and the monetary policy.
How does Mongolbank see the economy?
Statisticians and sociologists from Mongolbank make a broad survey of the social, economic and financial sectors once

Rise in drug cases causes concern

Cases of drug running involving Mongolians are being reported with alarming frequency.  There are 15 people at present under investigation, while two Mongolians caught on the Chinese side of the border have been sentenced to death under Chinese law.
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