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Tortured to Confess! Mongolian Government apologises

The Mongolian Cabinet held an emergency meeting earlier today (22 March) to discuss a statement made by Justice Minister Ts.Nyamdorj, regarding the murder case of S.Zorig, one of the heroes of Mongolia’s peaceful transition to democracy. Ts.Nyamdorj said that two

Sovereign wealth funds eye Mongolia with interest

According to a recent report issued by Eurasia Capital, senior executives of eight sovereign wealth funds (SWF) including from China, Singapore, Korea, the UAE, Kuwait, Libya and others, visited Ulaanbaatar in the space of the last three months.  Singapore’s USD120-billion

Bread and other foodstuff prices set to rise

Domestic consumers have been given a respite until June 1 but commercial users will be paying more for their electricity from this Friday.  On an average, power costs will go up by 17.35 percent and those for heating by 14.5

A journalist’s ethics are not for sale

D.NarantuyaThe draft Press Freedom Law is being discussed by the Civil Chamber now. Twelve years have passed since Parliament approved the law which has two references. The main merit of the law, drafted by E.Bat-Uul, was that it freed news

DP group wants more study on election law

The meeting of the DP group in Parliament yesterday discussed amendments to the Parliament Law, according to its Head, Ch.Saikhanbileg. The 23 MPs who attended the meeting felt that both the earlier first-past-the-post method and the present system of 26

Account book for Human Development Fund money not yet printed

Each citizen will be issued an account book when money is distributed from the Human Development Fund. According to the Vice Minister for Social Security and Labor, D.Nyamkhuu, the format of the book was approved last Friday by the Government.

Long singers to perform in Winter Olympics

Honored Long Singer B.Tuvshinjargal, Artiste with the National Song and Dance Ensemble B.Batmend, and morin khuur player Bat-Orshih will participate in the cultural event during the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada next month. Artists from China, Peru, Mexico, Canada,

MPRP group approves general directives on privatization

The MPRP group in Parliament met on Monday to discuss and approve the draft protocol on the general directives on privatization of state properties from now until 2012. The head of the group, D.Lundeejantsan, said Parliament should have discussed the

Snow melting substance costs MNT590,000 a ton

The salt and the sand used to melt the ice on roads come from inside Mongolia but the special snow melting substance is imported from China. According to the Environmental Pollution Management Department of the Mayor’s Office which is responsible

Severe winter hits 198 soums in 19 provinces

Following the National Emergency Commission’s (NEC) recent review of the winter situation in the country, including heating, energy and coal reserves, M. Enkhbold, Deputy Prime Minister and head of the NEC, has issued several instructions to connected officials.