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Former Spymaster detained

B.Khurts, former director of Mongolian’s General Intelligence Agency has been detained by the Criminal Police Department over the ‘torture to confess’ case. He was taken to the 461st Detention Centre last night, where he remains in custody.

On 18 April, the

Eznis back flying to Bulgan, with Government help

Eznis Airways is back flying to Bulgan in Khovd, after about almost 18 months. The resumption of service was prompted by concern for the people of Bulgan and two adjacent districts in Khovd — Altai and Uench. Separated from the

Rio Tinto developing technology for use in Oyu Tolgoi

Rio Tinto is planning to expand its next generation technology program, Mine of the Future, to develop new equipment and systems for deep underground mines. Projects such as Oyu Tolgoi would use an underground block cave mining method, which requires

Boroo likely to cease mining this year

Centerra Gold has reported that its Boroo mine in Mongolia is nearing the end of its mine life and is expected to cease mining by the end of this year. A May 26, 2009, strike at Boroo, followed by the

U.S. scholar recalls his days in Mongolia from 1959 on

Professor Emeritus Robert Rupen, 87, who was invited to speak at the 50th anniversary commemoration last fall of the first International Mongolian Congress held in 1959 but could not go because of advanced age, is one of the not many

International veterinarians arrive

International veterinarians are now in the country to study Mongolian livestock. Their decision on whether the animals are “healthy” or not will be important in exporting meat and live animals. In the absence of such a health guarantee, Mongolia could

Baganuur district under quarantine for influenza

Baganuur district of Ulaanbaatar has been put under quarantine because of the spread of influenza. Five kindergartens and Bolovsrol school complex have been closed until March 9. Billiards, tennis and PC game centers will also be shut until then.

MNT 18.8 trillion needed to make Ulaanbaatar smoke-free

The working group entrusted with developing the Smokeless Ulaanbaatar program has said in its report to the Government that MNT 18.8 trillion will be required for the entire work. 
The main causes of the air pollution in Ulaanbaatar are burning

No charge to be brought against any suspect in July 1 deaths

The families of the five people killed on July 1, 2008 were formally told on February 25 that no charges will be filed against any of the suspects. Yo.Sagsai of the Metropolitan Prosecuting Authority has written to them that investigations

MPRP conference will bring internal bickering into the open

After 89 years of presenting a united façade in public, the coming general conference of the MPRP is likely to take the cover off the ugly fractures in the oldest political party in Mongolia. The conference, initially scheduled for last

Ex-ambassador asks young Mongolians to utilize Chinese development

Former Ambassador to China G. Batsukh has said present-day Chinese state ideology reflects the Confucian tenet of “a harmonized society”. The General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, Hu Jintao, has asserted that “our policy of friendly relations with