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Java my calculator

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Little chance for Mongolian companies to develop Tavantolgoi

The Government meeting on Tuesday could not discuss the Tavantolgoi issue as planned because most of the Ministers had just come back from foreign visits and pleaded lack of preparation. The ordinary people still do not know what the Government’s

Diplomatic enclave planned

Mayor G.Munkhbayar and Minister for Foreign Affairs G. Zandanshatar signed a cooperation agreement for 2010-2012. The Foreign Affairs Ministry wants to have an exclusively diplomatic enclave in the city and also to make additions to its own building. The Mayor

Meat prices keep going up

The National Statistics Bureau reports that the price of major food products is up 7.7 percent over last month and 3.3 percent over last week. The biggest rise has been in meat prices. On April 14, the price of mutton,

Children’s cancer center established

A medical center for children with cancer, built with MNT 51 billion raised by the Mongolian National Broadcaster through a program “Together against Crisis”, was handed over to the State on Thursday. The ceremony was attended by Minister for Health

Khan Bank receives applications for academic scholarship

Khan Bank Foundation has awarded over 400 scholarships to help promising Mongolian youths pursue higher studies in the last three years. The scholarship program underscores Khan Bank’s commitment to the social and economic development of Mongolia.
This year, too, the bank

Habitat to build homes at Bayanzurkh under special program

Habitat for Humanity Mongolia has launched The Blue Sky Community and Environment Investment Fund as part of the Blue Sky Build Campaign to raise money to build key community facilities at a Bayanzurkh site between June 28 and July 2.