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Ulaanbaatar to host International Children Fashion Festival

The ‘Adorable Costume-2019’ International Children Fashion Festival is taking place in the Mongolian capital, Ulaanbaatar. Mongolian ethnic groups live as far apart as southern Russia and northern China; each has its distinct characteristics. The fashion festival aims at promoting the

Playboy #4 2010 USA

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Government presents railway project to party groups

The new railway project was presented to party groups in Parliament by the Government last Thursday. It proposes to establish a railroad from east to west, connecting Tavantolgoi-Sainshand-Choibalsan and ultimately leading to Northeast Asian countries. This is connected to processing

Oyutolgoi LLC to employ 3,000 metropolitan residents

Executive Director of Oyutolgoi LLC Keith Marshall has signed an agreement with the Government and UB Mayor G.Munkhbayar to increase jobs. The company will hire 3,000 people from the six districts in Ulaanbaatar and spend MNT 12 billion each year

MPRP conference on April 8

The MPRP administrative council on Friday decided to hold theMPRP conference on April 8. Party Secretary Ts.Sukhbaatar told media that among the issues likely to be discussed are fulfillment of election campaign promises, intra-party discipline. The conference will also decide

Oyutolgoi LLC gives check for USD50 million

Minister for Finance S.Bayartsagt was presented a check for USD 50 million by Oyutolgoi LLC’s Executive Director Keith Marshall on Friday after the investment contract had taken full effect. The money is part of USD 250 million advance payment.

Embassy in Tokyo explains new visa rules

The Mongolian Embassy in Tokyo recently held a press conference to announce and explain the decision to allow Japanese citizens to travel to Mongolia for 30 days without a visa. Ambassador R.Jigjid said the aim of the move was to

Four banks and ADB sign agreement on foreign trade financing

Golomt Bank, Khan Bank, Trade and Development Bank, and Xac Bank recently signed finance agreements with the Asian Development Bank aimed at providing needed financing to local companies involved in foreign trade. “Greater access to trade finance will help Mongolia”s