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South Korea – major coronavirus threat to Mongolia

Mongolia is on high alert after confirmed cases of the coronavirus infection in South Korea reached 156 and one died on Friday morning. As of 30 December, 2019, there are 48158 Mongolians living in South Korea.

According to health officials, Mongolia

Eminem – Recovery 2010

Албан ёсны 7 дахь
студийн цомгоо “Recovery” хэмээн нэрлэж худалдаанд гаргаад буй Америкийн
рэппэр дуучин Marshall Bruce Mathers III буюу Eminem шинэ
цомгийнхоо ажил дээр 2009-2010 оны хооронд ажиллажээ. Уг цомгоо
2009.05.05-нд гаргасан “Relapse” цомгийнхоо vргэлжлэл болгон “Relapse 2”

Standing Committee favors new royalty law

The Standing
Committee on the Economy yesterday decided 13-3 to send the draft law on graduated
royalty rates to Parliament for discussion. The amendment to the Mineral Law is
expected to bring about MNT 80 billion to the state budget annually. Discussing
the whole

Contortion and gymnastic artists leave for South Africa

A group of Mongolian
contortion and gymnastic artists, led by Haliun, has left for South Africa to
perform in various shows in connection with FIFA World Cup 2010. They have been
contracted by a South African company.

Bar owners protest against closure

Owners of 61 bars,
nightclubs, restaurants and shops that had their doors sealed by city officials
for working and serving alcohol after hours held a press conference yesterday
to protest against the action. They are also members of the Council of
Nightclubs and the

Mongolia joins summit members to condemn Israel over Gaza raid

joined several l leaders from the Middle East and Asia
to condemn Israel”s raid on a Turkish aid ship bound for Gaza at a summit in Istanbul on Tuesday, calling
on the Jewish state to end its “inhuman” blockade of the Palestinian

Khan Bank receives President’s award

Khan Bank was one of 5 companies to receive the
President’s award for national productivity for 2009 at a ceremony last week.
The citation accompanying the award reads, “In grateful appreciation to Khan
Bank for its success in improving its reputation, competitiveness and

Zuun Mod exploration license extended for a year

Erdene Resource Development Corp. has said its Zuun Mod
exploration license was recently renewed until May 28, 2011. Erdene has been
carrying out work over the past year in preparation for conversion of the Zuun
Mod exploration license to a mining license. This

Alien Breed: Impact 2010ENG

Alien Breed:
Impact хэмээх цоо шинээр гарсан тоглоомыг хүргэж байна. 3Rd
Person камераар харан тоглох ба Shooter төрлийн үе давдаг сонирхолтой
тоглоом байнлээ. Хамгийн гол нь хэмжээ маш багатай бөгөөд үзүүлэлт маш
бага шаардана. Бүрэн эхээрээ 800 МБ ба Repack