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Gegeen Arvai wins 3rd Mongolian Online Chess Team League

The 3rd  Mongolian Online Team League, which is part of the FIDE Checkmate Coronavirus Project, has brought together 28 teams from across the country. The online competition consisted of 9 tournaments, held on a popular platform ( in three categories

Buses to start running to the UB Valleys from Friday

Buses will start running from 5 June on six routes to the Ulanbaatar Valleys on a daily basis. In the past, the camp buses start running to the Valleys from 15 June. This year, the schedule of the camp buses

Mongolian Boxing Federation fights COVID-19

The Mongolian Boxing Federation (MBF) has been working to supply equipment to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the nation.

MBF is part of a charity initiative, with the organisation providing white clothes, face masks and many other necessary pieces of

Captain N.Tsedenbal to play against former team in Super Cup

A Super Cup, 2020 Season Opening Match of the Mongolian Football Federation will take place on 2 June at 6.00 p.m.  In the match, ‘Ulaanbaatar City’, a Champion of the Mazala Premier League – 2019 will play against ‘Khaan Khuns

Ulaanbaatar International Marathon postponed

The Ulaanbaatar City Administration hosts the “UB International Marathon” annually on the third Saturday of May. Also, this day is well-known as being a “car-free day” in the centre of the Mongolian capital to promote public health and sports. However,

Football thriving in the land of the eternal blue sky

On Mongolia’s vast steppe, Naadam has long been the most popular sporting event. Held each July in the National Stadium, Ulaanbaatar, the competition features wrestling, archery and horse racing – all of which embody the nation’s nomadic traditions. With Naadam

Mongolia and South Korea to cooperate in developing boxing

Mongolia and South Korea have signed a bilateral cooperation agreement to boost the development of boxing in both countries. The arrangement was signed by D.Bat-Erdene, the President of the Mongolian Boxing Federation (MBF) and chairman of Korean Boxing, Kim Ji-hyun

Mongolian eSports player wins PUBG European Championship

Mongolian eSports player Munkhbat, also known as ‘RobdiNNi’ Davaadorj has won first place in the ‘PUBG Mobile Club Open’ European Championship along with his team ‘KoninaPower’.  A total of 16 players competed in the tournament which was held on April