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Over 30’000 people run in UB Marathon

The annual ‘Ulaanbaatar Marathon-2019’ was held on Saturday (18 May) coinciding with a car-free-day, when central parts of the Mongolian capital are closed to traffic.

The UB Marathon attracts more and more athletes and amateur runners each year, having become a

Olympic medalist boxer to run in UB Marathon

The annual ‘Ulaanbaatar Marathon-2019’ will be held tomorrow (18 May) coinciding with Car Free Day. Every year, famous Mongolian individuals participate in the marathon for promoting healthy lifestyles and sports to the public. This year, Rio-Olympic silver medalist boxer D.Otgondalai

Baikal Open: Mongolian freestyle wrestlers positive

‘Baikal Open’ international freestyle wrestling competition will be held in Ulan-Ude on 17-19 May. Until this year, the competition has been held under the name of the ‘Buryat  President’s Cup’. A large Mongolian team consisting of over 100 people is

UK visa problems dash Mongolian taekwondo athletes’ hopes

The 2019 World Taekwondo Championships are due to start later today (15 May) at the Manchester Arena, a top venue in the United Kingdom. The competition will run until 19 May. It is expected that 1,000 athletes will attend the

Norwich University wrestlers to train in Mongolia

This June, a handful of wrestlers from the US University of Norwich  will head to the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar, as part of the “Norwich Wrestling Mongolian Cultural Exchange” to train and compete in freestyle wrestling.

On 3 June, five Norwich wrestlers

Hakuho’s absence is gift for Kakuryu

Grand champion Kakuryu M.Anand kicked off the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament on a winning note on Sunday, collecting an opening-day victory in front of a sell-out crowd at the first basho of Japan’s new imperial era.

Kakuryu, carrying the burden as

Run in the UB International Marathon!

Ulaanbaatar City Administration hosts the “Ulaanbaatar International Marathon” annually on the third Saturday of May. The day has been announced as a “car-free day” to promote public health and sports. This year two events will be held on 18 May.