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USF’s ‘Mongolian Mike’ close to NBA dream

Three months after the sophomore point guard withdrew from the NBA draft and transferred from Dayton to the USF, Mike Sharavjamts is a major source of pride for one of the nation’s largest Mongolian populations.

Between 8,000 and 10,000 Mongolians are

Mongolia sends the largest at a single Asian Games

Mongolia will send a delegation of over 600 to the upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games, its largest at a single Asian Games, delegation chief G.Amgalanbaatar said.

“Our country will send more than 400 athletes in 34 different sports as well as over

Mongolian judokas aim for gold at Hangzhou Asian Games

Mongolian judokas have been ramping up their preparations for the upcoming 19th Asian Games in China’s Hangzhou, aiming for gold medals.

According to the Mongolian National Olympic Committee, Mongolia will field more than 400 athletes at the Hangzhou Asian Games across

Fighting in the road to UFC

With a formidable mindset honed through the both tranquil and challenging traditional lifestyle of Nomadic herding, T.Nyamjargal has become a warrior capable of eclipsing the achievements of martial artists from every corner of Mongolia.

From humble beginnings, the athlete grew up

the “Ulaanbaatar 2023” East Asian Youth Games inaugurated

Today (16 august), the “Ulaanbaatar 2023” East Asian Youth Games has inaugurated  in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
The Opening Ceremony of the 2023 East Asian Youth Games was postponed by one day due to heavy rain in Ulaanbaatar. The “Ulaanbaatar 2023” is set