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Mongolia’s Covid-19 cases reach 40

Mongolia has reported its 40th confirmed case of Covid-19 after one of the passengers evacuated from Frankfurt, was diagnosed as having the coronavirus infection. The country of 3.2 million evacuated 274 of its nationals from the central Germany city with

Working tools and empty chairs demonstrated in UB

Earlier today, an event entitled “Owner-less Tool Demonstration” is taking place in front of the Central Sports Palace from 08:00 to 17:00 features empty chairs, sewing machines, computers, construction hats, work jackets, hammers and nails.

The demonstration has been organized by

Covid-19 drill in Ulaanbaatar: Chingeltei TOTAL lockdown!

The Mongolian National Emergency Management Agency will hold special training for preparation and readiness of the Covid-19 pandemic in the Chingeltei District of Ulaanbaatar. The training will take place on 6-8 May. During training period, over 200,000 residents in Chingeltei

Construction of new Ulaanbaatar children hospital begins

Earlier today (30 April), construction of a new 50-bed general hospital for children officially began in the Mongolian capital in the territory adjoining the Ulaanbaatar Second Central Hospital. The hospital is expected to reduce the overload of the eastern district

Mongolia’s resolute fight with Covid-19

As of today (29 April), Mongolia has confirmed 38 cases of coronavirus infection; all of them are imported. Four of them are foreigners. In addition, 10 people, including ‘Patient Number One’ – the French national and a family member of

MIAT’s new Boeing 767-300 to transport anti-Covid-19 equipment

On Monday 27 April, ‘MIAT’ Mongolian Airlines, conducted an international cargo flight using its new Boeing 767-300 aircraft, taking its first step to enter the international cargo transport market.

The coronavirus pandemic has hit international air travel in a devastating way,

Mongolia’s Covid-19 testing reaches 10,000

As of today (28 April), Mongolia has reported 38 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 10 full recoveries. Currently, 759 people, who have had contact with Covid-19 carriers are under observation in isolation centres where 144 doctors and medical staffs are