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The robots are coming! UB to host international contest

The Mongolian Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports in cooperation with the Mongolian National Broadcasting have organized the national robot championship contest. A total of 16 teams from 17 schools have competed for this contest with their own creations

Victory Day Parade in Mongolia

Victory Day (9 May) is celebrated in Russia with the annual military parade marking the end of the Great Patriotic War as World War II is known. This year, a similar parade is being held in Ulaanbaatar. On this occasion,

Protecting Mongolia’s Argali Sheep

In the Gobi Desert, where Argali roam, a group of Mongolian researchers are working to conserve the wild sheep populations. For more than 20 years, Denver Zoological Foundation in cooperation with Mongolian researchers has been helping to protect this iconic

Tokyo ward woos Mongolian tech school graduates

A recruitment event for the graduates of a Japanese-style technical college was held in Mongolia. It’s part of a bid to tackle an acute shortage of engineers in Japan’s manufacturing sector.

Tokyo’s Shinagawa Ward had earlier invited students of the Mongolian

Mongolia’s Innovation Week starts

‘Innovation Week’ has been launched in Ulaanbaatar to promote creativity in the public and private sectors.

The week under the theme of “Joint Innovation” is being co-organised by the Mongolian Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports, the Mongolian Academy of

Mongolian and Korean doctors conduct unique surgery

For the first time in Mongolia, doctors have performed liver transplant surgery from a different blood-group donor. The operation was undertaken by doctors from the First Central Hospital of Mongolia in cooperation with specialists from South Korea’s Asan Hospital. During

Child-abuse in Mongolia: life imprisonment?

Women members in the Mongolian parliament are working on amendments to the Law of Criminal Procedure. According to MP D.Oyunkhorol and M.Bilegt, the amendment will tighten punishment for child abusers; including life imprisonment for child molestation and rape. Furthermore, those