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South Korean technology to cut UB transport emissions

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of the Republic of Korea and the Ulaanbaatar Transport Department signed a memorandum today (14 February) on introducing diesel particulate filters (DPF), which should reduce public transport emissions by 85-97 percent.

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UB mayor takes action to protect children from flu

The Ulaanbaatar City Mayor issued a decree to temporary close all game centres where children gather until 1 March due to the flu outbreak. During the period, parents are banned from bringing children under the age of 10 to public

Rare Mongolian Snow Leopard killed – two arrested

Mongolian police have arrested two men involved in killing an endangered snow leopard.

The two suspects were arrested in early February while attempting to sell the skin and frozen meat of the snow leopard at the Emeelt market in the outskirts

US narcotics by post to Mongolia! Three arrested

The Mongolian police arrested three people on Tuesday in the middle of  a criminal operation to transport a large amount of narcotics in Ulaanbaatar.

Two men and a woman aged 19-32 were detained in the Sukhbaatar district in central UB. Police

Mongolian bus stops now have child care rooms

Travelling long distances with small children can be challenging in any country. To solve the problem in Mongolia, child care rooms have been set up at bus stops across the country for providing basic needs and comfortable travel for babies

Snowless dzud threatens Mongolian nomadic families

The administrations of Mongolia’s 21 provinces have reported that winter preparation is nearly 90 percent completed. However, less snow has fallen than usual this winter which has caused a ‘dry dzud’ in some parts of the country. Severe winters that

Mongolia needs to cut number of livestock

According to a government report, it is estimated that almost 80 million livestock roam the Mongolian steppe. They have reduced the variety of vegetation and degraded 70% of the pastoral land.  Every year, Mongolia emits 34 million tonnes of greenhouse

13 killed in road accidents during Tsagaan Sar

Mongolians celebrated the traditional holiday of Lunar New Year (Tsagaan Sar) from 4th to 10th of February. At this time of the year, thousands of Mongolians are on the move – travelling across the country to share the festivity with