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Last bus from China: 300 evacuated

Earlier today (5 February), Mongolia evacuated more than 300 people from Erenhot, which is located in northern China. As we have reported, the government in Ulaanbaatar has closed border with its southern neighbour until 2 March, however, three buses evacuating

Mongolian Saiga antelope population reviving?

Recently, there has been great concern about the declining numbers of Mongolian Saiga antelopes. However, there is good news: the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has reported that the population of the animals reached 5074 in January 2020, representing

Good news about the evacuated Mongolian students

Mongolian health officials confirmed that 31 students and a child evacuated from the Chinese city of Wuhan have tested negative of the coronavirus infection. Officials have isolated all those involved in the evacuation including 15 people from flight crew from

Masks and hand sanitizers distributed to Mongolia’s coal drivers

Mongolia has closed its border with China for cars and buses until 2 March; however, official exports and imports are continuing normally. The Mongolian Government is, however, taking additional steps to help export or import companies prevent infection from coronavirus

‘Rescue Flight’ from Wuhan lands in Ulaanbaatar

Mongolian health officials said on Sunday (2 February) that a total of 59 people have been isolated; including the 31 students and a child who were evacuated from the Chinese city of Wuhan, following the outbreak of the new coronavirus.

Mongolia fully closes border with China

Earlier today (31 January), the Mongolian Government officially fully closed southern border and forbade passengers to enter Mongolia from China – this applies also to transit passengers from other countries. In addition, Mongolia has banned its citizens from travelling to

Nearly 100 flights between Mongolia and China cancelled

A total of 95 flights between the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar and the Chinese cities of Hohhot, Hong Kong and Beijing, where there are cases of coronavirus, have been cancelled. The World Health Organisation has ‘upgraded’ the Chinese coronavirus outbreak

Waiting in Wuhan for evacuation approval

Mongolia and 56 other countries are awaiting approval from the Chinese government to evacuate their citizens from Wuhan where the killer coronavirus outbreak began.

On Sunday (26 January), the Mongolian Government held an emergency meeting regarding the Chinese coronavirus outbreak. The