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Mongolian coronavirus overview

Mongolia has put some 5000 people under observation for symptoms of COVID-19 and quarantined 283 suspected as having the virus since 6 January. Fortunately, over 80 percent of them have been confirmed as having respiratory disease, but not coronavirus.

Currently, some

Private kindergartens demonstrate outside Mongolian Finance Ministry

In Ulaanbaatar, there are some 540 private kindergartens where 5500 teachers work and over 40,000 children attend. Earlier today (19 May), teachers from these institutions demonstrated outside of Finance Ministry of Mongolia protesting against the halt in financing and for

Over 130,000 Mongolians return home amid COVID-19 lockdowns

More than 130,000 Mongolians have returned home since 26 January; over 3000 of them were evacuated on the 15 charter flights and the remaining 5007 by trains or buses.

Last week, Mongolia evacuated 1070 of its nationals from Russia, Turkey and

Mongolia’s Covid-19 railway doctors

Mongolia’s international passenger train services to Russian and China have been suspended until 31 May under the decision of the National Emergency Commission in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus. But, domestic trains in Mongolia travelling to 15 destinations

Mongolia’s Covid-19 cases rise to 140

Mongolia has reported today (18 May) that the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the country has risen to 140. The 57 new cases are students who were recently evacuated from Russia. Four of them tested positive today; two are

UB Emergency Center receives special COVID-19 ambulance

The Ulaanbaatar City Emergency Centre has received a unique special-purpose ambulance. The emergency vehicle was donated jointly by China’s Inner Mongolian Government and the Mongolian Red Cross.
The ambulance uses negative atmospheric pressure for creating a safe environment for transporting

Ahead of the storm: Roads in eastern Mongolian close

For preventing a possible natural disaster, roads in eastern Mongolian provinces were closed today (15 May). Therefore, the daily bus services to Sukhbaatar, Khentii, Dornod, Darkhan-Uul and Selenge province have been suspended for an indefinite period. Previously, roads to Sukhbaatar,

Fierce storm strikes Mongolia

Yesterday (15 May), a strong storm with wind speeds of 24 m/sec swept through the western Mongolian provinces. During an intense 26 minutes, the storm caused power outages in two soums; namely, Rashaant and Tarailan in the Khuvsgul Provinces.
According to