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Six Mongolian children injured in car accidents in three days

Every first-time visitor to Mongolia is struck by the road conditions and driving norms. Long-term residents learn to adapt to the dangers of driving, being a passenger in a vehicle and navigating the streets as a pedestrian – all equally

Mongolia’s dramatic step for decreasing air-pollution

Last winter, a report by UNICEF Mongolia deemed the situation a “child health crisis.” In the past decade, the incidence of respiratory illness across Ulaanbaatar has increased 2.7-fold per 10,000 people. Unborn children are affected too. A study at one

Smoke from Siberian wildfires envelops Mongolian capital

Raging wildfires have engulfed large swathes of Siberia’s forests making it difficult to breath in many Russian towns and cities. Today, 31 July, the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar has been covered by a pall of grey smoke from the Russian fires.

Mongolian – Korean Hospital Cooperation

H+ Yangji Hospital said that it has signed a medical agreement with Mongolia’s General Hospital for the State’s Special Servants (GHSSS).

Under the accord, the two institutions will strengthen cooperation by sharing information on healthcare and promoting friendship between their medical

Bent Mongolian Judge flees to US with cash!

Mongolia’s Independent Authority against Anti-Corruption (IAAC) has provided short information about a corruption case involving no less than 17 judges during its regular press conference on 30 June.

According to the IAAC, former judge S.Tumurbat, one of the 17 convicted, has

‘Food Street’ to open in UB

The first ever Food Street featuring 3100 square-feet of restaurant space is expected to open in Ulaanbaatar this autumn. The 174 meters-long Food Street will be constructed between Mongolia’s most important exhibition complex, Misheel Expo and the Kitchen All Furniture

Bodies of two Chinese tourists found in Mongolia

Search and Rescue teams have recovered the bodies of two Chinese tourists who went missing in Khuvsgul Province, a famous tourist destination in the north of Mongolia. The bodies were washed down following torrential rains in Ulaan-Uul soum of the