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Number of single-parent families in Mongolia increases

One out of every eight families in Mongolia is a single-parent family, presidential advisor for civil society and human rights G.Uyanga said on Wednesday. She noted that single-parent families are increasing as the divorce continues to increase on a yearly

Mongolian – a language of conquest & diplomacy

An international conference entitled ‘Cultural Heritages of the Mongols: Scripts and Records’ is taking place in Ulaanbaatar under the auspices of the President of Mongolia. The two-day event is being co-organised by the Institute of History and Archaeology, the Mongolian

See Ulaanbaatar by bus: 50% off for foreigners!

Since last year, the Ulaanbaatar City Administration has been running regular bus excursions around the Mongolian capital and nearby places of interest. The Ulaanbaatar City Tour Bus will begin its 2019 service from Monday (27 May) providing safe and comfortable

Mongolia cuts 700 thousand tonnes of carbon emissions

A forum entitled ‘International New Energy-2019’ was held at Ulaanbaatar’s Corporate Convention Centre on 23 May. The forum has been attended by over 600 delegates from the Mongolian Government, private enterprises, non-governmental organisations and foreign experts.

Under the Paris Climate Chance

UB Travel Expo to promote Mongolia’s unique culture

With its rich nomadic culture, safe surroundings, friendly locals and outstanding landscapes, Mongolia is one of the world’s top magnets for tourists.  To help stimulate this important sector of the economy, Ulaanbaatar Travel Expo will take place at Misheel Expo

US fast food poisoning in Mongolian capital – again!

Another mass food poisoning has hit a US fast food chain in Ulaanbaatar – and again in Zaisan, a well-off suburb in the south of the capital. Over 120 people, 50 percent of whom were children, fell ill earlier this

Stretches of Tuul River “extremely polluted”

Replying to a question by D.Dondog on the state of pollution in rivers, especially in the Tuul, and to another by D.Enkhbat on how the law on specially protected areas is being implemented, Minister for Nature, Environment and Tourism L.Gansukh

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits Mongolia’s southwest

On Thursday (16 May), a moderate earthquake hit Mongolia’s southwest province of Bayankhongor. According to the Mongolian National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), the earthquake measuring 5.2 on the Zag soum occurred at 5.46 p.m. (local time). Tremors from the earthquake