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Mongolia confirms 11th COVID-19 case

Earlier today (26 March), Mongolia reported its 11th COVID-19 case after one of the 221 passengers evacuated from Istanbul was discovered to be infected with coronavirus. The government chartered flight flew to Istanbul on 18 March. In total, Mongolia has

Very mixed weather for April in Mongolia

The average April temperature is expected to be 2 Celsius warmer than normal in Mongolia. According to the National Agency for Meteorology and Environment Monitoring of Mongolia, daytime temperatures will drop to 6-11 Celsius next week and rain or snow

Mask scams hit Mongolia

While there is still no vaccine for coronavirus, the World Health Organision recommends wearing surgical masks, thoroughly washing hands, social-distancing and sterilization to prevent infection. In Mongolia, as in other east Asian countries, wearing face masks is standard practice. However,

Bus brings 31 students from Russia home

On 23 March, Mongolia evacuated 31 of its students who study in Russia by bus through the Tsagaan Nuur / Tashanta border crossing. Some 24  students from Moscow, six from Novosibirsk and one from Saint-Petersburg arrived at the Russian border

A French man recovers from coronavirus in Mongolia

The National Centre for Communicable Diseases (NCCD) today (25 March) its daily press conference.  As of today, Mongolia has 10 confirmed cases of coronavirus; nine Mongolian citizens evacuated from South Korea and Berlin and the French national who arrived on

Extreme weather hits Mongolia

Mongolia is experiencing a range of extreme weather events. Earlier today (24 March), the first rain fell in Khovd province whilst 17-23 cm of heavy snow fell in Bayan-Ulgii, Uvs and Zavkhan provinces. Strong dust storms with winds reaching18-20 meters

Surveillance app being used in Mongolia to fight COVID-19

The Mongolian National Emergency Commission reported that 2223 people have been quarantined in the Bayan-Ulgii, Darkhan-Uul, Khuvsgul, Khentii, Bayankhongor and Zavkhan provinces. They will be released to self-quarantine at home after 14 days of isolation. If anyone who ordered to

Banning alcohol consumption in some Mongolian provinces

Mongolia has one of the world’s highest alcoholism rates. According to a World Health Organization study, Mongolians are dependent on alcohol at a rate three times higher than Europeans. Some Mongolian provinces namely, Arkhangai, South Gobi and Uvs recently banned