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Mongolia constructing three railways for coal export

Coal-rich Mongolia could export 50 million tonnes of coking coal annually under the current infrastructure condition, with its long-term and stable trade partnership with China and Asia as well as advantages of low depth of coal seam and low cost

Mongolia reports 1.1 case of hepatitis per 10,000 people

A total of 1.3 million people had been screened for communicable diseases under the “Healthy Lives” programme.  Under the programme, 5,100 cases of hepatitis had been detected in four months.  Several thousand people had received treatment for hepatitis B and

Ulaanbaatar organises the Car-Free Day

The Car-Free Day was organized on Sunday to raise public awareness of air pollution and negative effects of traffic congestion and promote healthy lifestyle.

Both private cars and public transport vehicles were barred from all main roads of Ulaanbaatar on the

Rio approved USD 2.3 million to Mongolia to protect forests

Miner Rio Tinto has announced USD 2.3 million in funding to help protect forests in Mongolia.
The company signed a three-year partnership agreement with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Mongolia and the International Conservation Caucus Foundation, which aims to tackle and reverse

Mongolia registers one coronavirus related death in a day

Today (12 September), Mongolia confirmed 50 new COVID-19 cases.

24 of them were contacts of earlier confirmed cases in Ulaanbaatar, and 26 were recorded in the regions. No imported cases were found.

Mongolia registered one coronavirus related death in a day. The

The number of wildfires in Mongolia rise by 73 percent

A total of 97 forest and steppe fires have been recorded across Mongolia since the beginning of this year, destroying 1,051,907 hectares of forest and grassland, the country’s National Emergency Management Agency reported.

The number of registered wildfires is up around